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Adam B.


Tutor of Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar and Music Theory

An experienced rock and blues guitarist of 17 years, Adam has been part of a number of rock bands over the last 5 years and has performed hundreds of live shows. As a teacher he is exceptional at teaching the fundamentals of guitar and making the lessons fun and engaging.

He is available to teach beginner to advanced guitar levels to all ages.



"Adam taught me when I first started guitar, he really takes the time to explain and make it fun to learn so that you get through the beginning stages quickly. He is patient and an excellent teacher" - Brett W, 45


"Adam taught me guitar as a beginner who had never picked up a guitar before. He took time to explain the fundamentals clearly and concisely. His lessons were structured and he was always dependable. The lessons were engaging as two were never the same." - Nathan O, 26


"I got in touch with Adam as I was curious about some more advanced guitar technique. I would bring a song to him and he would break it down and make it easier for me to learn so that I was able to play it. His knowledge of rock and roll is unbelievable and he was good at fine tuning songs to my playing level. I learnt a lot." - Luke G, 28

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