Andrea M.


Tutor of Classical Piano and Music Theory

Andrea's classic musical training started at the age of 5 when she began to do concerts and festivals show casing her repertoire to audiences and ABRSM examiners. The discipline she developed and the brilliant teacher that she had taught her the importance of technique. ​ The importance of technique, tonality and giving colour to a piece in order to accurately interpret it, led her to passing Grade 8 at the age of eleven!


Hard work and dedication to the piano was a significant part of her childhood and how she was brought up. The memories of winning first place trophies at Jacques Samuels Piano Shop in London as a child fill her with nostalgia and gratitude. ​ It has been six years since she has started teaching the piano, enjoying every single moment of sharing her knowledge with others. She is currently preparing for her Diploma whilst teaching and feels immense satisfaction doing the work that she does and passing on her understanding of music to others.



"Andrea you are an excellent teacher who is very patient and makes the lessons so much fun for Ben. Not only has he achieved Grades 1-3 in less than a year, but his confidence has skyrocketed! Thank you so much for helping him like you do." - Ben


"My son begged me to learn the piano. You are so patient with him. You always expect the best from him, always motivating. Your teaching style works so well for him. Thank you for being such a fabulous teacher!" - Remus

"Thank you so much for helping Ana pass her Grade 2 with distinction! We could not be happier to have you as her teacher, I absolutely love that she is learning with you. She enjoys your energy and how fun you make the classes for her." - Anastasia


"I look forward to the class every week, I keep on learning new things all the time with you as my teacher. Really happy with everything." - Daniel


"Rea is currently preparing her Grade 4 exam and she feels very happy with Andrea as her teacher. She is progressing very quickly and we as her parents are very proud. You have definitely increased her curiosity for music!" - Rea

"I've been doing weekly piano lessons with Andrea from December and it has become a weekly highlight for me! Andrea makes the lessons fun and helps add building blocks to each practice. Additionally, she is enthusiastic and encouraging which keeps me motivated to continue practicing! I would highly recommend lessons with Andrea to anyone interested in piano lessons!" - Sophie