Ariane C.


Tutor of Classical Violin and Music Theory

Ariane started to study the violin at the age of 4 years old and gave her first concert at 5 years old. 

She is a two time winner of the prestigious violin competition 'Leopold Bellan' in Paris. She has lived in London since the age of 19. She has always been interested in violin teaching, that is why she took her first diploma in teaching: The LLCM Teaching Diploma in Violin teaching . She has a real passion for teaching and she is currently writing my own violin method.


Her first diploma is the Licentiate Diploma of the London College of Music in Violin Teaching LLCM (TD) (2008) and a Bachelor of Music Degree with Second Class Honours (Second Division) in (2009) from Thames Valley University under the direction of Peter Rudnick and in  July 2013 she had obtained her Master in Music Performance from Goldsmith University under the direction of the professor Alexander Ivashkin.


During her years as a student she was the student of the following teachers: Susanne Stanzeleit (Birmingham Conservatoire), Erika Klemperer (Guildhall School of Music), Devorina Gamalova (Goldsmith University of Music), Vadim Tchijik (CRSS DE Toulouse),  Stephane Tran Noq (London Music and Media), Mattew Truscott (London Music and Media), Jacqueline Ross (Guildhall School of Music), Remus Azoitei (Royal Academy of Music).


Professional Experiences : she has been teaching the violin since 2007 and been teaching with 6 music schools in London. Her students always had their violin exams with good mention.


Her teaching method: she has learnt the violin by using French and British violin methods. Her repertoire is essentially classical but is also  popular depending what the students wants. 

She can teach various music style from classical to popular music like Adele, The Beatles etc...

She can teach one to one lessons and in groups of 2 students by Syype or Visio/Facetime and in the classroom. Ariane helps her students to achieve their goals and she support each of them in their different journey. Ariane wants her student to enjoy and to develop their mind and creativity.



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