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Carlos Y.

Carlos - River Music School London

Tutor of Violin and Music Theory

Carlos began his studies on the violin at age four after listening to a string quartet and becoming fascinated with music. Through his 21 years of study, he has competed in numerous competitions and festivals, tutored by those in the lineage of Oistrakh and Menuhin, and continues to develop and hone his abilities as a performer.

Carlos studied Music at King’s College London, graduating in 2018. While at King’s, he was part
of the King’ College Symphony Orchestra, head of the Baroque Society, and played extensively
with the Modern Music Society, King’s Opera, as well as the King’s Music Theater. While at
King’s, Carlos was instructed by Michael Foyle, a professor of violin at the Royal Academy of


Between 2019 and 2021, Carlos completed his Master’s degree at Codarts Conservatory of the
Arts in Rotterdam, studying with Natasja Morozova, who herself was a student of David
Oistrakh. During this time, Carlos was extensively involved in various projects, including
Baroque operas and masses, symphonic projects, Tango music ensembles, modern
composition showcases, crossover projects with hip hop and pop artists, and participated in
professional recordings with upcoming R&B and pop groups. Having graduated with honours
from the Master’s program in 2021, Carlos continues to seek out new performance opportunities
and competitions while carrying on with his teaching duties and studies with professor Hu Kun
of the Royal Academy of Music.


Starting his teaching journey at age 16, Carlos has worked with a wide range of students,
starting out as an assistant to his own teacher, managing groups of young beginners, before
eventually taking over to teach more experienced students and adults alike. During his master’s
degree, Carlos was an assistant to his professor of violin, and took over instruction for several
bachelor’s and master’s students for an extended period of time, solidifying his experience with
highly skilled students. Now, Carlos seeks to inspire the next generation of musicians through
teaching and playing, using his experience and passion to ignite the same love he has for music
in students and listeners alike.




“Carlos has a very strong sense for interpretation and was a huge help while I was preparing for my examinations, helping me understand the music we were working on in a deeper level.Together with our professor, their combined teachings helped me create a sensible, modern, but informed interpretation for my examinations, and his passion and creativity were infectious.” - Sarah C


“Carlos stepped in as an assistant to my professor during my master’s degree and offered very helpful advice during lessons. He had fresh and interesting takes on music that I had not thought of before. He was very good at expressing himself and his energy made music-making very exciting and fun.” - A.G.

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