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Chase T.


Tutor of Piano, Guitar, Singing, Bass Guitar and Music Theory

As a deeply passionate music tutor, Chase proudly offers expertise in multiple instruments. With years of experience and a solid mastery in these disciplines, she brings a unique perspective to her lessons.


Having worked with diverse students of all ages, including young prodigies as little as 4 years old, Chase understands the importance of creating an inclusive and empowering learning environment. Chase's teaching style combines practical hands-on experience with a strong foundation in musical theory. She finds immense joy in sharing her knowledge and helping students explore their creativity, whether it's discovering their own distinct musical identity or playing their beloved tunes.


As an individual who values personal growth, Chase completed a degree in Creative Music Production. This program not only honed her skills but also highlighted the significance of embracing one's authentic sound as an artist. Chase actively encourages her students, regardless of their background, to embrace their uniqueness and think outside the box.


If you are seeking a music tutor who understands the importance of representation and inclusivity, Chase is here for you. Together, you will embark on a journey of musical discovery, unlocking your potential, honing your skills and creating extraordinary melodies.




"Chase is a great tutor because she makes our piano lessons very personalized and fun. I have taken piano lessons before but I have learned so much more from Chase than I did from my last tutor. As a beginnner, I expected to only be learning scales and theory, but Chase has made our lessons much more engaging by letting me choose a new song every week that I want to learn. She teaches me how to play one of my favourite songs every lesson, which is such a great way for a beginner like me to learn. I highly recommend taking lessons from her!" - Lucy P

"Chase is a dedicated guitar teacher, who has inspired my daughter. She is professional in her approach, prepared for every lesson with a plan in hand, is reliable and punctual. I can highly recommend Chase." - Annie M

"Chase is a conscientious, thoughtful and skilled tutor. She knows her craft well and is patient when working with others. Chase is proven to receive great results from anyone she's taught and reliable. I would recommend Chase as a tutor for anyone, anytime." - Kadine W

"They were aazing. They helped me learn pretty quickly and explained things in a simple but effective way. 100% recommend." - Darshan S

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