Christian G.


Tutor of Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Music Theory and Songwriting

Chris has been playing guitar for almost 18 years, with over 12 years' experience as an active songwriter, performer, touring and recording musician. With a Grade 8 in Electric Guitar and a HND in Guitar Performance from the Academy of Contemporary Music, he has taught various styles and genres to a mix of new, intermediate, young and adult students - from basic chords and scales to learning how to write songs, or solo over your favourite tracks.


Chris spent two years in Hong Kong where he taught privately, before returning to the UK to teach over 70 students (both 1-to-1 and small groups) in a range of schools around Oxford and Abingdon each week. He is excited to join River Music School in London while he undertakes a Master's Degree in Music Business at Tileyard Education in King's Cross.






"My time with Chris as a teacher was fantastic. He’s taught me everything I know today and how to play a guitar - he’s made me feel like a rockstar!" - Malcolm, age 12


"I really miss having Chris as my guitar teacher while he was living in Hong Kong. I must be his oldest student trying to learn to play acoustic guitar in his sixty’s. He has shown me great patience and made playing easy and enjoyable for an old man. His teaching method of combining music theory and practical finger work really works magic to unlock my fear and understanding of the fretboard." - Ambrose, adult student


"I had written lyrics and a melody to 4 potential songs and wanted them to become songs. I did some research on the internet which led me to discovering Chris. He was able to take what I had written, which was very basic, and add instruments and a vocal to turn them into songs. The reason I was very satisfied with Chris wasn't just the fact he was able to do this well - it was how he was able to read the song and produce something very close to how it sounded in my head prior to Chris getting involved with the projects. I was left with a finished product that I was very happy with and something I've been able to listen to over the years and be pleased with what I have listened to." - Daniel, song-writing student