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Dan T.


Tutor of Guitar and Music Theory

After graduating from one of the UK's top conservatoires (Leeds College of Music), Dan moved to London in 2014 to pursue a career as a session player and artist. In his early days, he spent most of his time working on new music and building connections in the industry. Oh, and working in spoons of course!

After living in London for a couple of years playing in bands and doing small sessions Dan got his first break when he became a full time guitarist for Jordan Mackampa in April of 2018. 

He toured consistently throughout the back end of that year. Playing many festivals over the summer and an album promotional tour in late October through November. 


Since then Dan has done another tour of Europe with Jordan, and has worked with a number of musicians such as Lily Moore, Fred Wave, Malena Zavala, and Mt.Wolf both in the studio and on stage.

Whilst session work has always been a love of his and a great opportunity to see the world. His first love has always been composing, which is why he's been composing music with his band Depression, Baby since 2019, along with making custom music for indie games, and for big brands like; Samsung, Hummer, and Sky! 

Dan still does session work too, and he also took up teaching guitar and have been doing so for over a year now. He offers private home lessons for students in London and have recently set up online lessons, so he's able to teach anyone who wants a lesson, wherever they are in the world!



Coming soon!

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