Dina B.


Tutor of Piano, Singing, Violin and Music Theory

Dina is a creative, innovative and enthusiastic person, who is eager to pass the knowledge and the love of music to the next generation. She is a music teacher, singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist.

Dina always tries to get to know her students first to understand their own personality – and tries to find the best way to reach their motivation.  She thinks it is essential to find a suitable method for their teaching. She tries to become a music coach in her student's life, not just a simple teacher.

At primary school she studied violin for 8 years and she has continued to play the instrument– but in addition, she finished high school as a traditional folk singer. She also studied classical and chorus singing at university and conducting as well. In her high school and university years she learned to play piano for eleven years.

Dina finished a Master’s Degree in Music Education in 2019 as a Singing and Music School Teacher in Hungary. During her master studies for two years, she had the opportunity to teach music and singing for private students as well.

Dina managed music workshops for musicians with different instruments, different interests for people of all ages. She had concerts and workshops in different countries as Serbia, Hungary, Croatia, Montenegro, Germany, Slovakia.

She was a member of several bands – as a singer in Dinamijazz (mix of jazz and folk music), as a violinist in Wooden Ambulance (American folk-rock), Secret Man and the Missing Birds (experimental electric music with string instruments) and much more. She had the opportunity to play on exhibitions and compose and play music in National Theatres in Hungary.

She and her twin sister released their first own album called Hybrid Realm in 2015, now they have a band called November Six.



“I was in eighth grade when she taught me singing lessons twice a week. These two times a week I felt really relaxed. I loved these classes very much because not only did what I love, but a very good teacher stood by me. She was always nice and fair. If I needed any help, (even it wasn't about the lesson) she was always there and supported me. If I wanted to go to a competition, she was happy to prepare me and accompany me, which brought nice results. She has always made sure to act wherever and whenever we had the opportunity and show the results of our work.” – Susan 

“Dina taught my little daughter Regina (aged 8) to sing for 1 year. I can only write good things about her. They were able to work well together, she got a lot of encouragement from her. Dina taught her the proper breathing and singing techniques. I can strongly recommend her because she teaches with pure heart and expertise.” – Regina’s mother


“In the summer of 2018, I participated in an improvisational music workshop for the first time in my life, led by Dina and her sister Bernadett. After that, there was no question that I would apply next year as well. I didn’t really know what to expect, what the joint work would look like, but after the first meeting, I no longer had any doubt that we would spend the next week useful. I figured it out right away that our team mentors are direct, friendly, and infinitely patient. They created an atmosphere in which everyone is having a good time including those who play for fun, and those who are professionals. The less experienced had a huge motivation to catch up with the more experienced, as well as to create something new together. Sometimes we worked in small groups separately, which helped us get to know each other even better, learn to answer each other’s musical questions, pay attention to each other. One of the most important things I’ve learned on these occasions is that if you pay close attention to who you’re playing with, you can learn more about him or her in a minute than after an hour of talking. Personally, it was these two creative camps that set me on the path to musical unfolding. At the beginning of the first workshop, I was still a little anxious, and this could be heard in my music as well. Dína and Bernadett really helped me not be afraid to let the music out of me. It was a great feeling to work with them, learn from them, listen to their stories, draw ideas from their musical thoughts. I have gained experiences that have served my development to this day. I’m sure that if I would have the opportunity to re-participate in one of their creative camps, I’ll take the opportunity because I’m curious what more I can learn from them.” – Arpad, 18