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Franco P.

Franco - River Music School London

Tutor of Drums and Music Theory

Franco Pellicani has been playing drums for 20 years, starting at age 13. He is proficient and engaged in a wide variety of music styles, including Rock, Pop, Funk, Jazz, Afro-cuban, Brazilian, Metal, Free-form and improvised. He also has skills in music theory, history of music (classical, jazz, popular), music production and arrangement.

A devoted teacher since 2014, he helps pupils of all ages/levels in nurturing their passion for music, and aims to pass on his experience and knowledge through a holistic approach. He tailors his lessons to the individual needs of every student, paying attention to the interpersonal exchange as much as to the technical and practical aspects of learning an instrument, in a constant balance of fun and commitment, challenge and reward.

Always heavily involved in his home-region music scene, he moved to London in 2019 to share paths with the group “Tankus The Henge”, with which he has toured extensively across the UK and Europe, leading large-stage performances at the likes of Glastonbury, Boomtown, Transmusicales, and hundreds of medium-sized festivals and venues.

Throughout his professional career, he has recorded as session player and as core member of a
vast array of projects, many of which have also had him in production roles. He studied BA in Jazz Drums at the “Conservatorio di Musica di Perugia” and privately with Gregory Hutchinson, Roberto Gatto, Christian Meyer, amongst others.



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