Justina Rawahy

Tutor of Singing and Songwriting

Justina is a rising singer-songwriter with an Urban-Pop, R&B and Hip-Hop sound, from East London/Essex. Many of Justina's songs are true life stories or written based on what she has seen through her peers. She has catchy upbeat numbers but also pours out her heart in emotive and meaningful songs like "Mama". Justina considers herself a raw talent and was brought up in a household in which her mother was always singing and always playing music. Her sound is a definite blend of all her influences.​


After studying and working hard, Justina entered the music world once again and completed a 4 year long Music Degree at BIMM London, and in 2019 became a vocal coach, radio presenter at Dejavu FM and a professional live performer.


Throughout the course of her musical journey, Justina has won over the hearts of music lovers from all walks of life. Her music has led her to perform at a variety of prestige venues and events including Chelsea Football Club's 'Under the Bridge' and the Spring Break Festival in Amsterdam, all the while recording new singles.


Justina recently performed with the Songbirds at the Nu Bride Wedding Show in Camden, which was aired on BBC3. Collaboration with upcoming rapper Juiice Juiice, in late 2017, 'You' captured industry professionals and debuted on Jason P's Friday night show on KISS FM. The music video has over 10k views on GRM Daily's Youtube Channel.


Justina is not only working on new singles and an EP (to be released in 2020), she is offering her knowledge and experience to students who are interested in pop music, contemporary music, music theatre and songwriting!






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