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Melodi C.

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Tutor of Piano, Cello and Music Theory

Melodi is a qualified Piano and Cello teacher who defines herself as ambitious and decisive. She has been interested in music and dance since she was a child. Melodi studied music at High School for four years and then completed her Music Teaching degree at Marmara University for another four years. During her studies at Marmara University, she spent one year in Hungary, studying music teaching within the scope of Erasmus. Moreover, she was part of the Marmara University orchestra and choir as a student.

After Melodi's Erasmus experience, she decided to move to London to explore more musical opportunities. Melodi is passionate about teaching music to all levels, especially when she sees her young students' excitement when they make music in the lessons she conducts. This is what makes Melodi love her job!


Melodi is here to have the opportunity to share her knowledge, which has always been her biggest motive.



"My two children have been taking lessons with Melodi for two months now and are both progressing well.

Melodi is great with them, very patient and makes the lesson fun and engaging.


Keep up the good work Melodi. We look forward to seeing more progress and hearing more music being played!" - Wendy H

"Melodi is a patient, kind and generally lovely person who is very passionate about what she does. She is really supportive and I’ve seen so much improvement in the short time she’s been teaching me. I am so grateful for all her help and would highly recommend her!" - Maria R

"Melodi has taught our two who are now 9 and 6 for almost two years. The kids love her and respond well. Melodi is very patient kind and cares about her work and students. They are both progressing well , and enjoy piano thanks to the way Melodi teaches. Would highly recommend her to anyone wanting to learn." - Ian M

"I highly recommend Melodi as a piano teacher. I joined her lessons a few month ago and I can already read notes/music and play the piano. No need to memorise the keys anymore. Her lessons are well structured and fun. She also offers online classes if required." - Samira M

"My 4 year old daughter has recently started her piano lessons with Melodi. It’s been only 3 lessons and my daughter can already play and read all notes on the right hand, which is an amazing achievement considering that many teachers had previously refused to take the challenge of teaching a 4 year old saying that it was too early for her to start. Melodi has totally surpassed all our expectations: my DD absolutely loves Melodi and looks forward her lessons. At the end of every lesson Melodi takes extra time of her already busy schedule to explain my DD’s homework to me so I am able to practice with her at home even though I myself don’t play piano. I am very happy that we’ve joined Melodi’s piano lessons and we look forward to continue to study with her in the future." - Jelena P

"Melodi is a brilliant teacher! My daughter started last October and has progressed so well even during lockdown and doing online lessons. We always found it hard to get my daughter to do any extra curricular activities as she is very shy, but with Melodi she has been more than happy to go to. Thank you Melodi for being such a lovely and caring teacher." - Natasha E-H

"Melodi has taught my son for 2 years and has progressed so well. We didn't stop lessons during lockdown but switched to online teaching mode which worked really well too. My son enjoyed every lesson and he loves piano so much. Thanks Melodi!" - Bonnie Y

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