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Nana P.

Nana - River Music School London

Tutor of Singing, Piano, Songwriting and Music Theory

"I became a singer because singing is my medicine. If I am sad, or frustrated, I just sing my heart out and I feel so much better afterwards. I wish for everyone to experience this powerful effect singing can have!"


As an experienced vocal teacher (+5 years)  Nana has found that the biggest obstacle when it comes to learning how to sing, is for most people being shy and nervous. That is why she believes it’s most important that students experience how fun it can be to sing so they can let go of anything that is holding them back. Her main focus is teaching students how to sing freely without any restraints. After accomplishing this in the lessons, you can dive deeper into various singing techniques and ways to colour your voice to your liking. She teaches both beginners and advanced students. 


Next to being a singing teacher, Nana is also passionate about teaching songwriting and piano. As an award winning songwriter for TV and ads and companies like Sony and BMG, and for her artist projects she has learned how to write in various genres and styles and is capable of helping you write in the style you enjoy!


She graduated from Codarts Conservatory in Rotterdam with an 8 (out of 10) at the pop department and a main subject in singing and songwriting. In addition she's also had intensive music theory courses, alongside courses in education.


Next to being a tutor and a songwriter, Nana performs on stage and releases music. She has toured the UK, the Netherlands and NYC and has performed on Dutch national radio numerous times. 



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