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Nick G.

Nick - River Music School London

Tutor of Guitar and Music Theory

Nick's musical journey started in Greece. He started as a metal player and soon transitioned into fusion and jazz. He studied alongside Jim Politis for three years and then proceeded with doing a certificate with Berklee. His professional performing experience includes jazz, gypsy jazz and latin/funk ensembles.


In the lessons, Nick covers a comprehensive study of technique in both electric and acoustic guitar, as well as jazz theory/harmony and improvisation in funk, rock, blues, jazz/ gypsy jazz and fusion context. The goal is for the student to be able to confidently and effortlessly analyse harmonies, improvise and arrange for guitar in a variety of styles, making sure they can utilise both the polyphonic and monophonic side of the instrument.



"It’s been an amazing, fun and very musical experience so far! Nick apart from a very gifted instructor, is a very pleasant and patient human being who’s teaching guitar practice, theory and harmony in a very unique and effective way." - Spyros



"Being a guitar player for more than 10 years I have reached a point of stagnancy. I attempted to snap out of this situation by getting lessons with several teachers but nobody inspired me. Nick managed to motivate me and awake my desire for guitar again. As a teacher he has a lot of assets that make him special. He is organised, interactive and he has the value of listening. He teaches in a friendly student environment,his friendly attitude and his patience makes him very approachable." - Jim

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