Nicol K.

Director of RMS London

Tutor of Singing, Piano, Acoustic Guitar, Bass Guitar and Music Theory

Nicol is a professional singer and multi-instrumentalist who has a great enthusiasm for helping her students to discover and nourish their gifts and talents. She has been teaching for over seven years now. She completed all grades in classical piano, and up until now has performed in 10 different countries as a jazz vocalist at prestigious venues with recognised international musicians. She has recorded an album of jazz standards and has released two music videos which have received an overwhelmingly positive response by her audience, as well as attracting sponsors for her future releases.


Nicol brings her broad experience and knowledge of music to the table and caters to the abilities of the student, making lessons an enjoyable self-discovery of the world of music within us! She has taught students as young as 4 years old to 60+ years old, so is very adaptable to the student's level and needs. In her lessons she incorporates performance, theory, technique and improvisation: knowledge she has acquired from the multiple instruments she knows. Nicol teaches singing (pop, rock, contemporary, jazz, folk, world), piano (classical), bass guitar (contemporary, pop, jazz, rock), guitar (acoustic) and music theory.


Nicol also offers specialist courses in alto and contralto singing.

Listen to Nicol's material:

Nicol - Jazz Songs Album :

Nicol - I Am In Your Coffee

LATEST RELEASE: Nicol - Euphoric :



"Nicol is simply an exceptional teacher, bringing a unique blend of professionalism, brilliance and fun to lessons. My 7 year old now loves playing the piano, he enjoys lessons and has gained a distinction in his recent exam thanks to her fabulous tutorage.  Nicol is a jewel of a find for us and I could not recommend more highly." - Clair

"I loved my lessons with Nicol, she is fun, encouraging and full of energy. I improved so much with Nicol! I enjoy music and playing the piano thanks to her ability to make you feel as passionate as she is for music! A really positive and super inspirational teacher!" - Alex, age 10


"Lucy was an extremely shy girl who had selective mutism. Our last resort was to try singing lessons. We tried with one teacher but Lucy didn't seem to click with her. Then we contacted Nicol, and in the first lesson Lucy began to speak. In the second lesson she began to sing quietly, and in the third lesson she started to sing her heart out! We discovered that Lucy had a talent for singing, as Nicol helped her to discover her absolute pitch. We are proud to say that Lucy passed her singing exam for secondary school!!! Without Nicol we don't know where our daughter would be now, she has inspired her to enter the beautiful world of music and expression. NICOL DOES WONDERS!" -  Juliet and Matthew

"Nicol taught our son when he was in year 5 and year 6. He was a beginner and she had a lot of patience with him and made it a fun lesson with not just playing, but the theory too. She has given him a love of piano which is great to watch and listen. When Nicol went on to pastures new and moved out of the area we tried a few teachers, but no one has quite matched up to her teaching." 

- Deena

"I've been having singing lessons with Nicol for three years now. She has taught me breathing techniques, techniques that are tailored for the individual, presentation, music theory and performance skills. I highly recommend Nicol's specialist lessons for advanced students like myself, as she delves deep into the material you didn't know you need, and makes it understandable and practical. I regularly perform concerts around London and my specialist lessons with her have allowed me to develop not only musically but personality wise on the stage, which I am extremely grateful for. I've also started guitar lessons with her to develop my knowledge with her. Thank you Nicol!" - Selina

"My daughter started bass guitar lessons with Nicol over Zoom due to Covid-19. I was initially nervous about starting music lessons with a teacher you haven’t built a relationship with in real life and who can’t work with you in person to correct hand positions etc. But I’ve been delighted. My daughter is not only learning a lot in Nicol’s lessons but is inspired and motivated to practise too — and that’s been such an unexpected benefit. Even though Nicol’s presence in our home is via a small phone screen, she’s overcome that obstacle to build an easy working relationship with my daughter, to help her progress quickly and to inspire her to do more!" - Katie

"Nicol is an amazing teacher.  I decided to get a singing teacher to help me improve my vocal technique and family members have said they've notice the difference. Singing is an art and it's been really insightful having a teacher who knows the craft and who is able to help me get to the next level." - Carlene

"My daughters are really excited every day that they have piano lessons. I can see their progress. They are settled down well with Nicol and adore their teacher as she is kind and patient. The most important thing is that they enjoy practicing and know what the next step is." - Rosa

"My daughter can't wait for her Thursday lessons with Nicol! She loves singing with Nicol and has learnt so much from her, from technique to performance skills. For several years now, since my daughter was a child, and now is a teenager, Nicol has led her in the right direction. My daughter's voice has evolved, I am so proud of the lessons with Nicol: she has an amazing personality and can inspire absolutely anyone to sing! My younger son was so interested in the lessons that his sister had, he has started singing lessons and guitar lessons with Nicol." - Adriana

"Nicol has ben an outstanding guitar teacher and she has helped me greatly understand scales and chords which has improved my playing dramatically. Not only she has explained like no other teacher before how to navigate chords on the fretboard, but also she taught me a lot about theory, without which is very difficult to progress. I would full heartedly recommend Nicol to everyone who wants to dramatically improve his/her playing on the guitar." - Nash

"I really enjoy the piano lessons. Nicol is patient as well as insightful; she helps me improve and develop my skills. I have progressed much further with her than with my previous teacher." - Ariana

"My piano lessons are very good and I feel the pacing is just right for me. Nicol's methods are simple and easy to understand." - Diogo

"My son has been taken piano lessons with Nicol once a week since November, she has been fantastic, very engaging and keeps my son motivated! Thank you Nicol for your patient and professionalism." - S G

"Nicol is an inspiring and encouraging teacher with the right balance between pushing me to achieve more and supporting my progress. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed using my time to develop my basic piano skills from childhood - the experience is so satisfying and worth while. I feel very glad to have found her via these lockdown restrictions and wholeheartedly recommend her." - Sharon



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