Oliver B.

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Tutor of Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar and Music Theory

Oliver is a guitarist and musician from Essex who has been playing guitar passionately for the last 16 years. After receiving invaluable guidance during his college and university years he graduated from The Institute of Contemporary Music and Performance with a Degree in Popular Music in 2015. Since graduating he has gone on to co-form Bristol based experimental jazz outfit Prudent Primate, with whom he has played all over the country in some prestigious venues such as Ronnie Scotts in London. He also plays in Newcastle based alternative Rock band Honeyflux. On top of his original projects, Oliver has also played countless function gigs for weddings and events.


Oliver started teaching guitar privately in 2018 and has since taught a broad range of genres and playing styles to students from the ages of 5 to 50 plus. Having completed grades 1-8 himself he is well suited to taking students through this process if they wish to do so. For anyone else he will help students find what musical styles that they connect with the most, he will then use the appropriate chosen pieces as the foundation to build a strong technical facility on the instrument as well as a good and practical understanding of music theory.


Regardless of whether they are beginners trying to figure out where to start or if they are more advanced players that have started to have trouble progressing forward, the main goal that Oliver aims to achieve with his students is to encourage them to develop and enhance their ability to fuel their own creativity. 



"Ollie has been teaching acoustic guitar to my children aged 7 and 11 since September 2019. Most of this time lessons have been via Skype which has made teaching and learning more challenging but Ollie has continued to hold their interest. He is very patient and involves the children in choosing which pieces of music they learn to play. They enjoy their lessons and are progressing well." - Amy C



"Ollie is a great guitar teacher for my son Dan, and we are very lucky to have found him. Every lesson is enjoyable, and every lesson brings good progress. Ollie’s lessons are exceptional in the way he switches between music which my son loves to play, and the technical exercises which make him a better player. Even before the very first lesson, nearly two years ago, Ollie wanted to know what type of music my son liked so that that the lesson could be built around that. Ollie is a fantastic guitarist himself and his love of music shines through in his teaching. In just two years, my son has made such good progress that he is now studying for his music GCSE. That’s very much down to Ollie’s skill and encouragement as a teacher." - Dan P (student) & Jon P (father)


"Oliver has been teaching my son guitar for over 12 months. Lessons had to move online due to the pandemic after only a few in person lessons, but this has not impacted the quality of the lessons. My son was making very little progress with his previous teacher and I was lucky to find Oliver through an online tutoring website. My son enjoys his weekly lessons with Oliver and looks forward to them. He has made a lot of progress with Oliver, who is patient and very thorough when it comes to learning new songs and helping my son with different techniques. Oliver makes the lessons fun, but also ensures that the basics are covered. He is responsive to my son’s requests to learn new songs, which keeps the lessons stimulating, but there is always a focus on building a solid knowledge of scales, arpeggios, etc. Oliver is good at pitching the classes at the right level, but he does not make the classes too easy. He seems to be able to attune his teaching to the student’s level and personality which serves to encourage a love of the guitar. The fact that Oliver has kept my son enthused, during difficult circumstances, is a testament to his teaching. In sum, Oliver is a great teacher with a lot of patience and a relaxed, personable manner. I cannot recommend Oliver highly enough to you." - Dr Caragh W