Phil C.

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Tutor of Guitar and Music Theory


Originally from Mid Wales, Phil has been honing his talents on both electric and acoustic guitar for over seven years, and graduated with a first class honours from ACM Guildford. He's adept at music theory, and has trained under top music industry professionals, delivering to a consistently high standard wherever his work takes him. Phil has played live in genres from rock, pop, and metal, to jazz, blues and fingerstyle guitar. 

Phil's specialism lies in his unique style of ‘slap-tap’, or percussive acoustic guitar; an evolution of fingerstyle guitar incorporating elaborate percussive hits on the body of the instrument while playing. This creates the illusion of a full band from just one instrument – a true technical marvel to see first hand.

Phil also loves creating solo fingerstyle arrangements of jazz and pop songs, as well as playing in all kinds of rock and metal bands. A truly competent all-round player, his skills far surpass anything covered in RGT Grade 8, and go beyond. Phil also has an innate skill to explain concepts in simple ways, so beginners and intermediates never feel out of their depth. He’s eager to help young talent to realise their potential, and is confident in his teaching abilities to make that happen.



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