Riccardo M.


Tutor of Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar and Music Theory

Riccardo is a professional guitarist, session player and guitar teacher from Italy, with many years of experience. He started playing guitar when he was 8 years old. He played in many bands when he was in Italy and he's always had students of all ages. Since Riccardo moved to London in 2012 he has been teaching and playing in many different music projects and has been also working on his original music. In 2018 he joined the London Music School to study Harmony and Music Theory in more depth and to develop his skills in Jazz music. In March 2019 Riccardo  got my RockSchool Grade 8 certification in electric guitar with a Distinction. He currently plays with his own blues/jazz trio and also has a music residency at the Hard Rock Hotel with the English blues/soul artist Joe Slater.



“I'm a student of Riccardo and I do enjoy our lessons. He is a very enthusiastic teacher that seems to really care about his students progressing. He is understanding when things turn up and has been quite flexible when I have suddenly been unable to attend the lesson. He has ways been able to reschedule and fit me in a time convenient for both of us. I feel like with his help I have progressed quite a lot in Improvisation and Rhythm.” - Clara F


I am a student of Ricardo and he is teaching me the blues guitar. I have tried many teachers in Belgium, Spain and now in London and Ricardo is by far the best. Why is he the best to me, he teaches music and not just the instrument so thanks to him, I have better rhythm, better ear and I understand music way more and feel more comfortable improvising or travelling the guitar fretboard with the caged system and tips from Ricardo. Besides that, you can see the passion for music and teaching in his eyes, behaviours, talking etc.” - Mouhamadou L



I've been having a lesson with Riccardo once a week for almost a year now. He hasn't ever really been late. Riccardo has been teaching me since I first started playing guitar, and he has helped me to understand how music all comes together on a guitar in a very understandable way with chords, arpeggios and more. Riccardo has a great method of helping students learn in that he doesn't just show me a song, and teach me to play it, he helps me understand why that song sounds the way it does. He makes sure that his lessons are enjoyable though. He helps apply skills that he has taught to playing virtually any song you can name. Also, he often will give me a chord progression to play and himself a melody, or vice versa, and spontaneously creating songs together in rhythm. I must say that this aspect of Riccardo's lessons is truly delightful. His musical skill is nowhere short of astonishing in my eyes. He has no hesitation in what he's doing, he always makes sure I have a good set of notes written down and is never without words of wisdom whether that's metronomes, or guitar tuning apps or guitar picks. 


Having had a few other music teachers in the past, with other instruments, I can quire honestly say that none of them compare to Riccardo. He makes the boring parts fun, and makes the fun parts a joy." - Carter S