Rocco B.


Tutor of Trumpet, Trombone, Ukulele, Conducting and Music Theory

Musician and music educator Rocco was born and raised on the Tuscan hills just outside Florence. He started playing trumpet at the age of 7 at the Scuola di Musica 'Giovanni da Cascia'. At the age of 14 Rocco begun his studies at the Scuola di Musica di Fiesole, playing in many orchestras such as the Italian Youth Orchestra, Orchestra Galilei, Orchestra Regionale Toscana, Orchestra dell'Opera di Fiesole and many others, led by conductors of the caliber of Carlo Maria Giulini, Gabriele Ferro, Daniele Gatti and Jeffrey Tate. He obtained his classical trumpet degree at the age of 21 and from the beginning of his classical studies started teaching trumpet and flugelhorn, coaching brass bands and wind sections.

At the age of 19 he joined the band Tamales de Chipil which took him to Italy, Switzerland, France and Mexico with more than 400 concerts. After 2 years of a sound engineering course and freelance teaching and performing in Florence, he travelled through India, Nepal, China, Laos, Thailand and Australia.

At the age of 24 he started his jazz bachelor studies at the Conservatorium of Amsterdam, where he had lessons from some of the best players and teachers of North Europe; Jan Oosthof (technique, lead trumpet, big band), Ruud Breuls (jazz trumpet), Jan Faas (harmony, theory, arrangement), Bart Fermie (latin percussions), Sam ten Velden (ensemble conducting), Randal Corsen (Latin Jazz).

At the Conservatorium of Amsterdam he attended workshops and lessons of some of the best jazz players of the world: Terrell Stafford, Marco Tamburini, Gerard Presencer, Chuck Findley, John Clayton and many others. At the end of his studies in Amsterdam Rocco recorded with the Italian band Bardabardò the album 'Scaccianuvole' and played with them in the following tour.

After 2 years travelling through New Zealand and Australia (pictures), collaborating with many big bands, wind bands and other groups, Rocco moved to UK where he attended a Master of Music Education at the UCL.

Rocco is currently working as a trumpet tutor, whole classroom instrumental teaching, choir conductor, orchestra conductor, workshop leader for samba ensembles and jazz big band.



"Great teacher, great musician. Highly recommend" - Shelly

"Rocco is very reliable, punctual and always flexible. On top of his professionalism, he keeps my music program stimulating and the lessons are relevant and tailored to my interest. As a result, every single lesson Rocco gave me helped me improve my technical skills greatly but also developed my confidence. Most importantly, he is incredibly positive and aware of a variety of approaches to teaching trumpet. To me it conveys a genuine intention to spread his passion and it is very encouraging for any students he teaches. His sense of humour makes his lessons enjoyable. I always come out surprised by how fast the lesson went yet the impressive amount of knowledge he passed onto me.
   I wholeheartedly endorse Rocco for the position for which he is applying; his patience, great pedagogy and contagious love for music make him an ideal candidate for any music teacher position.” - Josephine

"Rocco is a brilliant teacher. He has an easy-going, encouraging manner and I very much enjoy our weekly lesson. He sets interesting exercises and pieces so I am always able to find the motivation to practice. I feel I am improving rapidly under Rocco`s tutorship and have once again found the enjoyment in trumpet." - Eddie

"I started learning the flugelhorn in May this year and was intimidated as I am an adult learner in my 40's with only some experience in music (l played guitar as a kid). Rocco is great because he is dynamic during his lessons and uses different techniques to get you into the instrument. Some specific examples of his approach: I had looked at many YouTube Videos and they were emphasising specific mouth position. Rocco instead was able to make me understand the effect in sound I am looking for and what are disadvantageous positions but encouraged me to find my own position.
I get frustrated with high notes, and not able to push enough. Rocco emphasises relaxation and breathing correctly and not to worry initially if the sound is not perfect it would come, and it did.
I struggle with reading music and positions, even as I am learning. Rocco has adopted a light improvisational exercise around simple scales that feels like it really will help me learn how to play what I read. Some songs get boring: Rocco transcribes different pieces on the fly so the student can learn snippets of known melodies. He is fun to work with and learn from.." - Yates

"Rocco is a very friendly and warm person. He is also very patient and professional at teaching and made me (as a beginner) feel at ease very quickly. I feel like I've made good progress in our lessons and he has taught me some useful techniques, also giving me homework so I can practice from home between our lessons. I'd highly recommend Rocco as a tutor whether you are a beginner or more advanced musician." - Hazel

"...Rocco could teach us a lot about phrasing, tuning, balancing our sound and optimizing our ensemble techniques. We enjoyed Rocco's enthusiasm and his lively and skillful way of conducting our ensemble. [..] We can all strongly recommend Rocco as a teacher and conductor!" - Raoul, Jazz Warriors Big Band

"..he demonstrated first-rate musicality and professionalism. His abilities to relate to and interact with his peers helped creating an ideal work environment in which to achieve excellent results." - Andrea L, Artistic Director, Scuola di Musica di Fiesole

" ..[The] lessons with Rocco Brunori did help me a lot, his approach was very natural..I got better air support and constant improvement... he's a good teacher for sure." - Ying-Da

"...Rocco told me about telling a story. About question and answering, I first had to play just a simple motive and after that the resolution of my “question”. I wouldn’t doubt about whether Rocco is a good teacher or not, he is." - Jelle