Simon O.

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Tutor of Guitar, Bass Guitar, Piano, Drums, Music Production and Music Theory

Simon is a professional guitar teacher, musician and producer. He has taught hundreds of students over a period of 15 years, and has had regular safeguarding training over the last 10 years. He has prepared many of these students for Rock school and Classical guitar exams, with a 100% pass rate. SImon has a BA in Music Performance where he studied for three years with some of the best music tutors in the country. He also has a Masters degree in Music Production.


Simon has been working as a musician in London for the last 17 years, performing in venues, bars, clubs in styles ranging from Jazz, Rock, Funk, Latin, Pop, African, Fusion. He has toured in Japan, China and many parts of Europe. He has a lot of experience working as a band leader and has been leading and producing projects throughout this time, including extensive experience in teaching beginners through teaching in primary and secondary schools, as well as teaching up to an advanced level, with many of his students going on to be professional musicians themselves.


Simon likes to get his students playing songs very early on, and believes that playing and jamming with his students is a vital part of learning. He teaches acoustic, electric and nylon string guitar and has a tried and tested method for helping students achieve their goals. As an alternative approach, he has a tried and tested pathway of his own that he can recommend to inspire and possibly lead the student to their own vision. Simon can also teach jazz theory to a high level. He teaches all facets of guitar technique, ranging from legato, alternate picking, hybrid picking, tapping, bending.


Lessons will be fun-packed with lots of variety of materials, consisting of technique work, ear training, theory, playing songs and improvising, according to your wants and the type of music you like. Alongside his profession as a musician and music tutor, Simon has a big interest in Eastern philosophy and practice, and is a trained Chi Gung teacher who has experience in helping resolve injuries and physical tensions when playing.



"Simon taught me from the age of 13 to 24 . He taught me Theory, Technique and inspired me greatly. This led me to pursue music in college and then in university and now I work as a professional musician and perform in London on a regular basis. He is a great teacher and musician and I would highly recommend him." - Ryan P


"Simon taught at our school for 7 years. During that time he taught hundreds of children. His lessons were always very creative and inspiring. He would set up assembly performances at the end of each school year where the children would get a chance to showcase their playing. The children progressed greatly and improved their playing skills." - Joe S, Music Coordinator


"Simon is a great teacher: he is inspiring, patient and very well qualified. My Son's enjoyment and interest has soared since finding Simon." - Liz A


"Simon is an extremely talented guitarist and a determined teacher. He brings new ideas to playing the piano/guitar and can teach beginner to advanced level. He can also teach for formal qualifications, or simply help students to improve and extend their capabilities. Simon's calm and relaxed attitude to teaching has helped me become a more confident musician. I have been learning vocal pitch control, music theory, ear training and vocal practice including studio recording sessions for 5 years. I highly recommend his service to all students who wants to succeed in music." - Ecem U,  Professional singer and violinist