Stefan M.


Tutor of Singing, Piano and Music Theory

Stefan is a highly skilled vocalist and pianist with over 15 years of experience as a performer, who is proficient in all genres of music. He has performed live in front of large audiences, with some of the world’s major artists, and has even made appearances on 'The Voice UK', rocking up millions of views on YouTube.


Whether you want to refine your singing techniques and learn how to better modulate your pitch or you want to master the piano, Stefan's personalised sessions will ensure you expand your skills and repertoire. As someone well established within the industry as a versatile musician, he uses his extensive knowledge in recording, performing and teaching music to take your talents to new heights!


Stefan is passionate about music and derives great joy in empowering students to deepen their love for music as they progress. He is patient, engaging, compatible with all ages and knows how to inspire you so you stay on track and gain confidence in your abilities.



“My experience with Stefan was very valuable to my learning skills. He is extremely patient and knows exactly how to assess each student. I founud that I would have never advanced as quickly as I did in my piano and singing skills if he wasn't there to guide me. It was worth the money and I look forward to my lessons with Stefan. You can tell that he is passionate as well about making sure his students are learning the correct techniques. I'm really glad I found him on this website as I had been trying to learn piano and singing by YouTube tutorials and it's just not the same. He really helped me become more confident as well as I don't hesitate to recommend him to anyone. Thats again Stefan for all your attentiveness and care during the lessons!” – Kat J

“Stefan is really easy to work with and he makes you feel at ease. He is very professional and gets right to the heart of your coaching needs. A good gem to find.” – Mya E


“Stefan has been tutoring me for years to learn everything on the piano. Very professional and patiently putting up with me and helping me play everything from jazz to classical music like Clair de Lune.


I would highly recommend Stefan to anyone from a beginner level to someone looking to polish off their expertise in all genres.” – Kurt S