Syune T.

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Tutor of Classical Piano, Songwriting and Music Theory

Syune is a classically trained pianist based in London with over 10 years of experience in music (piano, music theory), both studying and performing on stage. She has been playing classical piano since the age of 6 as well as studied music theory and harmony in Paul Jurjan music school which she successfully graduated. As Syune has a strong passion for the creative side of the music sector including music composing and songwriting, she received a BA(Hons) degree in Songwriting in The British and Irish Music Institute.


Syune has performed on the stages like O2 Islington, The Water Rats, and The Troubadour as well as worked in several music studios. Her 4-year experience in working with children includes piano and music theory lessons, music workshops, and piano accompaniment for music classes and choirs. Also, Syune is fluent in 4 languages: English, Russian, Latvian, and Armenian. 



"Syune is a wonderful professional with a lot of experience and knowledge, and I find her teaching skills exceptional. She is helpful, understanding, and very inspiring as a teacher. My son Ned always enjoys the lessons with her, as she delivers it in a way that makes learning fun." - Alex (Ned’s father) 


"As a Record producer and an Artist development coach, I can vouch for Syune's capability to teach.  Syune has worked alongside myself as a composer and songwriter for a year now. She has not only taught myself, but has also made a large contribution via teaching, to the development of my artists. All of which are performers, songwriters and musicians. I've heard great reviews from my clients and witnessed it with my own eyes. These artists include MJ Duke, Kaory Desole, Lucrezia, and Ben Dolic. 


I can definitely recommend Syune as a music tutor to both adults and children. She has my vote." - Dasin R