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Alexander C.

Guitar, Bass Guitar, Piano, Music Theory and Music Production

Alex C, a versatile guitarist and multi-instrumentalist based in
London who specialises in an eclectic array of genres including
Pop, Jazz, Blues, Electronic, Indie, Rock, and Metal. Since earning
his Bachelor of Music Performance degree in 2016, Alex has
established a dynamic career both in his native Australia and on the
international stage.

With a wealth of experience under his belt, Alex has graced
countless tours and festivals worldwide, assuming various roles and
responsibilities with finesse.

In addition to his impressive performance credentials, Alex boasts
over a decade of teaching experience, nurturing the musical talents
of students spanning all age groups and proficiency levels. He
approaches teaching with a personalised and adaptable
methodology, tailoring lessons to suit individual learning styles and

Whether instructing beginners taking their first steps in
music or coaching advanced students refining their craft, Alex
fosters a supportive and encouraging environment conducive to
growth and exploration. His comprehensive approach encompasses
not only technical proficiency but also musical theory, improvisation,
composition, performance techniques and production.

Alex is committed to empowering his students to unlock their full potential
as musicians, instilling in them a lifelong passion for music and a
deep understanding of their instrument.


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