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Beatrice R.

Tutor of Singing and Music Theory

Beatrice is from Italy and comes from a musical family. She was involved in singing since the age
of 5 and started taking singing lessons at the age of 12. When she was 15, she started teaching
younger people at her brother's music school in Italy. In 2015 Beatrice moved to London to continue her music career.

Today Beatrice is a qualified vocal coach. She's studied Pop, Rock, Jazz and Contemporary
styles at BIMM London and she graduated with a first. She works as a backing vocalist and lead
singers with several bands.

The teaching method used is part of the MVT training. It consists in creating a balance between
your chest voice and your mixed, focusing on the vocal folds. Voice and artistic growth are very
vast subjects. The conjunction of several techniques and methods help students unleash their full
potential. The first approach would be to identify and have a diagnosis in order to create a plan that
will help reach your goal!


"Really encouraging, intuitive and knowledgeable teacher. She creates a very comfortable environment where you can laugh and have a good time whilst learning. I noticed improvement after just one session!"- Jazz, Student.

"Beatrice was great. She helped me identify some of my issues quite quickly and gave me some exercises to help me move forward with my singing." - James, Student.

"Beatrice is patient, insightful and explains all of the practices and methods really well! My first lesson was so fun!" - Clementine, Student.

"I love to go to my lessons. Just a few lessons have already passed with Beatrice and I already feel a lot of changes. She helps me a lot! Very professional, nice and a super vocal coach, thank you! " - Fatimah, Student.

"Super knowledgeable, easy to communicate with ad helpful! I was nervous for my first lesson but she put me at ease immediately." - Danial, Student.

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