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Vikramaditya N.

Tutor of Guitar (Acoustic/Electric), Music theory, Composition, Song writing and Music production

Vikramaditya N is a professional musician and artist who has been working in
the industry as a composer, producer, guitar player, singer/songwriter, and
educator, for nearly ten years. He has worked and collaborated with a multitude of
artists and artistic projects composing, recording, producing, and performing
different styles of music ranging from jazz, rock, blues, pop, contemporary singer-
songwriter music, to latin and modern jazz fusion music. He has performed
internationally at venues and events in the UK, France, and New Delhi, the likes of
which include The India Habitat Centre, The Piano Man Jazz Club, Hyde Park
Book Club, Sela Bar, and Northern Guitars, along with also having worked as an
in-house musician at The Oberoi Hotel in Gurgaon.

Born and raised in New Delhi, Vikramaditya strongly devoted himself to the
arts at a very young age. Upon discovering his natural disposition towards and
understanding of sound, he made the most of his talent by carving it into a
distinguished skill as he trained under Shri Ajay Kumar Pathak as a Hindustani
Classical Dhrupad and Khayaal musician. With the fascination for its elements, he
broadened his artistry to incorporate the different sounds, styles, and concepts of
contemporary western music by studying under the artistic direction of globally
recognised and critically acclaimed international artists the likes of Magos Herrera,
Fabio Gouvea, Utsav Lal, Raghuraman Ramasubramanian, Pranai Gurung, Jamie
Taylor, Takar Nabam, and Adhiraj Mustafi, among many others.

A scholarship student at the prestigious Leeds Conservatoire, he graduated with a
major in Jazz with the guitar as his principle instrument, as well as a minor in Music
Production. During his time at the Conservatoire, his programme involved him
studying jazz composition, improvisation, and classical and jazz arrangement and
orchestration, in addition to modern sound recording practices and electroacoustic
composition. He obtained the knowledge and experience of composing music for
films and even had the opportunity to record the Leeds Conservatoire Chamber
Music Orchestra as part of a research project. Furthermore, he’s even interviewed
New York city jazz giants Wayne Krantz and Gilad Hekselman as part of his
research in being a musician and a live music performing artist.

Vikramaditya believes that art and music possess the power to develop individuals
in ways beyond the scope of simply granting the ability to play an instrument or
sing a tune. Whilst those aspects still remain to be the essentials at its core, he
believes that learning music can be an immensely enriching, nurturing, and
rewarding experience. He actively promotes music and art as he believes that it
can bring about a lot of positivity into people’s lives and it is the same knowledge
and experience he hopes to share with his students.


“Vikramaditya is a very insightful and passionate tutor. In addition to clear
explanations of music theory, he instils an appreciation for the spirit of music,
making the process of learning a lot more fulfilling. Not only does he provide
you with all the material you need to improve your playing, but he also gives
you the context for how that material gained its importance. This style of
teaching is especially useful for artists trying to break free from pre-existing
techniques to make their music more personal.” - Agrim S.

“Vikramaditya has helped me immensely in my knowledge of guitar and music
theory. In addition to his extensive knowledge of the instrument he is very
patient, kind, and intuitive which makes him the brilliant teacher that he is. His
passion of music is infectious! I highly recommend taking lessons with him!” -
Kaumudi M.

"Vikramaditya is a great teacher. His skills on the guitar are extraordinary, and
that translates so well into his teaching style. He was patient with me, and my
growth has been tremendous. He is a trained musician with a versatile array
of musical styles, and lessons with him have inspired me to explore my music
preferences as well. Would highly recommend Vikram, any day.” - Kabir A.

“Vikramaditya not only imparted his musical wisdom but has also inspired me
to discover the true beauty of music. He is nurturing and patient, and he has a
unique way of breaking down complex concepts into digestible bits, ensuring
that each lesson is both educational and enjoyable. This versatility, coupled
with a profound knowledge of music and its many styles and genres enables
him to offer a comprehensive learning experience. One of the standout
qualities of Vikramaditya is his unwavering commitment to my success. He
takes a genuine interest in my progress and tailors his instruction to meet my
needs and aspirations. With an emphasis on practice, technique, and
creativity, he encourages me to explore and experiment while developing my
own unique sound.” - Tulsi K.

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