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About Us

"Without music, life would be a mistake."

- Friedrich Nietzsche


River Music School London is an award-winning private music tuition service, delivering 1-to-1 lessons for a variety of instruments and subjects to all levels and ages across the whole of London. We have handpicked some of the best professional musicians and music graduates to tutor our students, who have both experience teaching and working in the music industry and who know how to take your music education to the next level.

River Music School London opened in August 2020 during the coronavirus pandemic with online lessons. It was phenomenal to witness how many people were eager to start or continue their music education: we believe that such times had shone a light on the importance on music in our lives.

Since then we have become one of London's fastest growing music tuition services, having already won a Best Music Lessons award. Hundreds of children and adults have started learning music with our tutors, and our team is always inspired to deliver the best music education you can find in London.


The instruments we offer private music tuition for are: piano, guitar, violin, singing, bass guitar, double bass, saxophone, flute, trumpet, trombone, drums and more. We teach these instruments in a broad variety of genres including classical, rock, pop, jazz, theatre, funk, soul, contemporary, and more. We also teach music theory, music production, composition, improvisation, harmony, conducting, elocution, music therapy and other subjects.

RMS London is able to prepare students for official examinations. Exam boards include ABRSM, Trinity, Rock School, Guildhall and LCM. These examinations are taken as they are accredited points used when applying for universities through UCAS. We are proud to say that the majority of our students achieve Merits and Distinctions.

We also offer our students Certificates of Completion for each year spent with River Music School London. Recently, we introduced our 5 star rated Booster Course, which is a speedy and intense course of 5x30 minute lessons a week, for 2 or 4 weeks, and is rewarded with the Booster Course Certificate of Completion. Students who have worked through the Booster Course have experienced several months worth of progress, and have chosen to take it again to move up an extra level!

To date, we have multiple success stories: today, we'd love to start working on yours.



Call us today to discuss your options at:

0208 243 8501

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