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Terms & Conditions

The terms and conditions commence as soon as you have hired (on behalf of yourself or someone else) River Music School London for your music lessons.

Lessons are booked and paid for in advance. They can be paid on a minimum of a 4 lesson basis, and a maximum of a 12 lesson basis. Starter lesson packages allow for a minimum of 2 lessons per starter package.

Lesson fees vary depending on the tutor, location and length, hence on the Prices page our rates are specified as starting 'From'. 

To confirm your order, you may be asked for a form of identification. We uphold a strict safety policy both for our students and our tutors.


All our tutors have gone through an ID check. Tutors who are available to teach students 18 years old have gone through an Enhanced DBS Check (completed through Mayflower Disclosure Services) and have been confirmed as eligible.

In order to cancel or reschedule a lesson you must give us a 24 hour notice, otherwise we are required to charge you in full for the lesson. We treat our tutors fairly and encourage that you also respect their work, dedication, schedule and time.

You may request a full refund 7 days before the start of your lesson package. We cannot refund you once your lessons have started. If your circumstances are extreme we might at our discretion be able to organise an alternative arrangement in which you can redeem the lessons fee. We recommend that before you book lessons, you have had a trial lesson with us.

Cancelled lessons (on your behalf) can be rescheduled, given that you have told us at least 24 hours prior. The rescheduled lesson will be subject to the availability of the tutor.

Cancelled lessons (on our behalf) will be rescheduled on an agreed date and time, or refunded at your request.

The lesson starts and ends at the time agreed by both parties. Lessons will happen on the dates and times agreed between RMS London and the student (subject to the availability of the tutor).

A few minutes is given before the end of the lesson to set homework.

The tutor agrees to give as much notice as possible if they are late to the lesson or if the lesson is cancelled at short notice. Any time delayed or lost by the tutor will be added to either the delayed lesson at the end, or the next lesson(s).

Students who are taking biweekly lessons must reschedule a lesson if they have cancelled 2 weeks in a row. This is to respect the tutor's scheduling.

RMS London will give one month's notice via email or text if there are any changes in the prices of the lessons. The change of price will not actualise for the lessons you have already booked, they will commence for the next package you book.

If you change your tutor mid-way through your package and there is a change of rate between both tutors, the change of rate will actualise for your current package.

If your tutor is on holiday or unavailable and you still want to continue with lessons during the tutor's period of absence, we may be able to book you with a temporary replacement tutor depending on availability.

It is the student's responsibility (and if applicable, the parents'/guardians' responsibility) to understand that practice is necessary in achieving noticeable and purposeful progress.

All lessons which you have booked must be taken within 6 months, otherwise they will be forfeited.

You may request books and other material from RMS London, however the cost of these materials is the student's responsibility.

Parents/guardians are welcome to sit in the lesson and observe on the side.

Students who are pensioners, have special needs or are disabled are entitled to an automatic 5% discount and may be asked for proof to benefit from this.

If you'd like us to book an exam for you, we add a £10 administration fee to the exam fee.

Upon booking lessons with RMS London, you are automatically subscribed to our emailing list. You are welcome to opt out any time by sending us an email or text.

River Music School London does not condone lessons occurring within private rooms of a student’s or tutor’s home. We encourage that in-home lessons occur within a public/shared room of the home. Students who choose to have lessons in private rooms accept responsibility for their decision and understand that River Music School London is neither liable nor responsible for any damages or incidents. Furthermore, tutors are within their right to decline teaching a lesson if they are uncomfortable teaching in a private room of your home and you do not offer any appropriate alternative public/shared rooms.

You agree to disclose any medical conditions that can affect the student's learning and interaction, so that we are able to supply you with a compatible tutor who is able to accommodate to their needs.

In the event of a medical emergency, you agree that the tutor is authorised to seek professional medical help.

Your data is protected under the Data Protection act, and we are a member of the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO). More information on our privacy policy is available at: Privacy Policy.

We have constituted several documents on our policies, which you can read at: Our Policies

Students, tutors, parents and/or guardians are expected to report any incidents to River Music School London as soon as possible, so that we are able to assist accordingly.


By hiring your tutor through us, you agree that River Music School London has no liability or responsibility towards any damage or incident, and that we are not liable for any acts of your tutor. Please report any incidents to the Director of River Music School London.

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