River Music School London is the Winner of the 2021 Certificate of Excellence for Music Lessons by Bark! Since August 2020, we've tutored hundreds of students and have worked tirelessly to accommodate music lessons to the whole of London.

We're all very proud of our determined students and our passionate tutors for their amazing work, and are proud that their hard work has been recognised. Keep up the amazing work, River Music Team!

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- Jagoda K, accepted to study BMus Music at Royal Holloway, University of London (2022)

- Jagoda K, Grade 8 Practical Piano Exam, Merit (2022)


- Teddy C, Grade 3 Performance Piano, Distinction (2022)


- Simon G, Grade 2 Performance Piano, Pass (2022)

- Jagoda K, Grade 5 Music Theory, Merit (2022)

- Stefan F, Grade 1 Practical Piano, Distinction (2022)

- Pearl Grace B, Grade 1 Practical Piano, Distinction (2022)

- Ariana F, Grade 5 Music Theory, Distinction (2021)

- Diogo F, Grade 5 Music Theory, Distinction (2021)

- Daniel P, Grade 1 Practical Piano, Merit (2021)

- Oscar S, Grade 2 Practical Piano, Distinction (2021)

- Oscar S, Grade 1 Practical Piano, Distinction (2021)

- Ariana F, Grade 6 Practical Piano, Pass (2021)

- Diogo F, Grade 5 Practical Piano, Pass (2021)


- Teddy C, Grade 2 Performance Piano, Distinction (2021)

- Alina H, Grade 4 Practical Piano, Distinction (2021)

- Simon G, Grade 1 Practical Piano, Pass (2021)

- Mia K, Grade 2 Practical Piano, Merit (2021)

- Teddy C, Grade 1 Performance Piano, Distinction (2020)

River Music School London and Ronnie Scott's Big Band In A Day

team up to introduce young students to Jazz music

It is a pleasure to announce that we are in collaboration with Ronnie Scott's Jazz Club's 'Big Band In A Day' and Ronnie Scott's Charitable Foundation! Students of River Music School London are welcome to be a part of this fantastic opportunity, held at one of the most prestigious jazz clubs in the world. More information:

"Big Band In A Day’ is Ronnie Scott’s outreach scheme for developing young musicians in the UK. Once a month, we invite young musicians aged 12-17 (Grade 5+ level) to play in a free one day workshop where they will play and practice as a Jazz Big band and will perform two pieces on the Ronnie Scott’s Jazz Club main stage that evening. This great workshop led by Pete Long (RS Big Band conductor and artistic director) has welcomed more than a thousand school children from London and around the country. The aim of the workshop is to give the children a core grounding in the skills and disciplines and sounds of a big band, with an emphasis on playing by ear and improvisation.

Ronnie Scott’s Charitable Foundation is Ronnie Scott’s Jazz Club’s non-profit organisation dedicated to the support of jazz and music education in the U.K and beyond. We believe that music education should be available to all, so that all young people benefit from the same opportunities, no matter where they live, what music they play and what their financial background is.

Since its creation in 2015 the Foundation has supported almost fifty projects benefitting hundreds of schoolchildren in the UK and overseas."

Big Band In A Day


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