Here are student testimonials about our River Music School London tutors:


Tutor: Nicol K - Singing, Piano, Acoustic Guitar, Bass Guitar, Music Theory

"Nicol is simply an exceptional teacher, bringing a unique blend of professionalism, brilliance and fun to lessons. My 7 year old now loves playing the piano, he enjoys lessons and has gained a distinction in his recent exam thanks to her fabulous tutorage.  Nicol is a jewel of a find for us and I could not recommend more highly." - Clair C

"I loved my lessons with Nicol, she is fun, encouraging and full of energy. I improved so much with Nicol! I enjoy music and playing the piano thanks to her ability to make you feel as passionate as she is for music! A really positive and super inspirational teacher!" - Alex, age 10


"Lucy was an extremely shy girl who had selective mutism. Our last resort was to try singing lessons. We tried with one teacher but Lucy didn't seem to click with her. Then we contacted Nicol, and in the first lesson Lucy began to speak. In the second lesson she began to sing quietly, and in the third lesson she started to sing her heart out! We discovered that Lucy had a talent for singing, as Nicol helped her to discover her absolute pitch. We are proud to say that Lucy passed her singing exam for secondary school!!! Without Nicol we don't know where our daughter would be now, she has inspired her to enter the beautiful world of music and expression. NICOL DOES WONDERS!" -  Juliet and Matthew K

"Nicol taught our son when he was in year 5 and year 6. He was a beginner and she had a lot of patience with him and made it a fun lesson with not just playing, but the theory too. She has given him a love of piano which is great to watch and listen. When Nicol went on to pastures new and moved out of the area we tried a few teachers, but no one has quite matched up to her teaching." 

- Deena T

"I've been having singing lessons with Nicol for three years now. She has taught me breathing techniques, techniques that are tailored for the individual, presentation, music theory and performance skills. I highly recommend Nicol's specialist lessons for advanced students like myself, as she delves deep into the material you didn't know you need, and makes it understandable and practical. I regularly perform concerts around London and my specialist lessons with her have allowed me to develop not only musically but personality wise on the stage, which I am extremely grateful for. I've also started guitar lessons with her to develop my knowledge with her. Thank you Nicol!" - Selina G

"My daughter started bass guitar lessons with Nicol over Zoom due to Covid-19. I was initially nervous about starting music lessons with a teacher you haven’t built a relationship with in real life and who can’t work with you in person to correct hand positions etc. But I’ve been delighted. My daughter is not only learning a lot in Nicol’s lessons but is inspired and motivated to practise too — and that’s been such an unexpected benefit. Even though Nicol’s presence in our home is via a small phone screen, she’s overcome that obstacle to build an easy working relationship with my daughter, to help her progress quickly and to inspire her to do more!" - Katie M

"Nicol is an amazing teacher.  I decided to get a singing teacher to help me improve my vocal technique and family members have said they've notice the difference. Singing is an art and it's been really insightful having a teacher who knows the craft and who is able to help me get to the next level." - Carlene L

"My daughters are really excited every day that they have piano lessons. I can see their progress. They are settled down well with Nicol and adore their teacher as she is kind and patient. The most important thing is that they enjoy practicing and know what the next step is." - Rosa K

“Nicol has been our son’s piano teacher since January 2021 and she has given him live lessons via zoom 5 times per week for the last 8 weeks. Our son has greatly enjoyed learning the piano with Nicol and he has progressed immensely in a short period of time. Nicol has quickly connected with our son and personalised the online class to him. She is an exceptional teacher, dedicated, very able, patient and pleasant. She has helped our son develop his piano skills, and has taught him the theory as well. As a consequence, our son absolutely adores playing piano and the lessons have become such a pleasure for him. The piano has impacted him positively and we are grateful to Nicol for all her teaching and guidance.” - Laila and Eduardo M-S

"Nicol has ben an outstanding guitar teacher and she has helped me greatly understand scales and chords which has improved my playing dramatically. Not only she has explained like no other teacher before how to navigate chords on the fretboard, but also she taught me a lot about theory, without which is very difficult to progress. I would full heartedly recommend Nicol to everyone who wants to dramatically improve his/her playing on the guitar." - Nash J

"I really enjoy the piano lessons. Nicol is patient as well as insightful; she helps me improve and develop my skills. I have progressed much further with her than with my previous teacher." - Ariana

"My piano lessons are very good and I feel the pacing is just right for me. Nicol's methods are simple and easy to understand." - Diogo

"My son has been taken piano lessons with Nicol once a week since November, she has been fantastic, very engaging and keeps my son motivated! Thank you Nicol for your patient and professionalism." - S G

"Nicol is an inspiring and encouraging teacher with the right balance between pushing me to achieve more and supporting my progress. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed using my time to develop my basic piano skills from childhood - the experience is so satisfying and worth while. I feel very glad to have found her via these lockdown restrictions and wholeheartedly recommend her." - Sharon Y

"Can we just say a huge thank you to Nicol and the way she is conducting our remote piano lessons with our youngest son. He is only 7 and had never played piano before. Nicol’s style is so encouraging and positive which really helps him get the most out of his lessons. He has only had a few lessons but is really enjoying it and coming on really well and that is all thanks to Nicol. I would not hesitate to recommend Nicol and all at River Music school to anyone. 5 stars all round 👍"  - Dominic M

"My 8 year old really enjoys the online piano lessons with Nicol who teaches in a friendly and confident manner!" - Eva G

"Nicol is very good with my children. They are thoroughly enjoying having lessons with her." - Sandra

"My daughter can't wait for her Thursday lessons with Nicol! She loves singing with Nicol and has learnt so much from her, from technique to performance skills. For several years now, since my daughter was a child, and now is a teenager, Nicol has led her in the right direction. My daughter's voice has evolved, I am so proud of the lessons with Nicol: she has an amazing personality and can inspire absolutely anyone to sing! My younger son was so interested in the lessons that his sister had, he has started singing lessons and guitar lessons with Nicol." - Adriana G

"Nicol is energetic, dynamic and positive. She gives so much to my son’s lessons. Always full of energy. Keeping his attention throughout. Moving at a speed right for my son, yet to keep him focused and engaged. My son is always so excited to have his music lesson with Nicol each week. So pleased to have found her. Just outstanding. Everything you would wish for in a child’s teacher." - Melissa S

"My son (11 years old) attends Bass lessons and my daughter (9 years old) electric guitar lessons and both love it. Nicol is a very talented musician and a very good teacher." - Soraya F

"I’m having a wonderful experience with the service, is everything I was expecting, good professor and the classes are very clear and easy for understand.
I highly recommend River Music School London, for anyone who wants to learn music." - Milton G

Tutor: Fabio B - Piano, Music Theory and Composition

"Fabio has been a pleasure to work with, always responsive and collaborative. As far as I am concerned, I can say that Fabio was very efficient, detail-oriented, and a great team player. Very competent, with a positive attitude in problem solving, he always successfully finished the given tasks in a timely and professional manner.


I would like to mention here his great attitude and natural predisposition when it comes to dealing with people, both with customers and colleagues. His great communication skills allow him to connect with people of any ages and backgrounds." - Lorenza Casagranda

"I had the opportunity to know Fabio since a long time. He is always be a great musician and also a good man.

He has a lot of musical degrees and also other important studies in his curriculum.

In the last years he has also become a great composer in New York." - Marco Bazzoli

"Fabio is a great teacher. First of all, he is a very good pianist and musician. His knowledge in music theory is really impressive and he knows what is important to teach first to a student. That means, he could really guide the student in his whole learning process. I started to learn the piano with Fabio when I was a child, and this experience gave me a lot of culture and deepness in music and art. Thanks to Fabio's teaching, I also discovered new kinds of good music and I opened my mind in life too. I never stopped playing and listening to music since the years with Fabio as a teacher. So, I really recommend him for everyone who wants to learn music in the right way!" - Giordano Cova

"As I was a child, in the years 2001 and 2005 (7 to 11) I received piano lessons from Fabio. He was my first music teacher. He involved me as pupil in concentrated lessons, but not extremely heavy. He can manage to find the right point between the new points the pupil have to practice, without to force in extremely difficult things. Fabio gave me not only a technical approach, but also a lot about music theory and musical style. I found it very important. Especially for a child that approach to the music and does not know if he will became a professional musician. I mean, after some time I played the piano, I changed my main instrument to violin. But for those reasons, the all things that Fabio taught me has become very important for my actually career. Although I changed my main instrument, I did not stop to play the piano. Sometimes I am also happy and available to offer me as piano teacher. I am satisfied to say that now, also thanks to the Fabio’s piano lessons, I became a professional violin player and professor in a music school in Berlin." -  Massimiliano Cova

Tutor: Nacho M - Saxophone, Piano, Composition and Music Theory

"I would like to strongly recommend Nacho as a music teacher for harmony, counterpoint, music theory and saxophone, given that he has passed his knowledge in an exemplary way to our son Rodrigo González throughout the years 2016 and 2017 in person and from the year 2018 until the present day through Skype video calls! He has shown at all times a great degree of involvement, seriousness, professionalism and interest in the progress of our son, dispelling the doubts that worried us as parents, too!" - Manuel M. González

Tutor: Rocco B - Trumpet, Conducting, Trombone, Ukulele and Music Theory

"Great teacher, great musician. Highly recommend" - Shelly

"Rocco is very reliable, punctual and always flexible. On top of his professionalism, he keeps my music program stimulating and the lessons are relevant and tailored to my interest. As a result, every single lesson Rocco gave me helped me improve my technical skills greatly but also developed my confidence. Most importantly, he is incredibly positive and aware of a variety of approaches to teaching trumpet. To me it conveys a genuine intention to spread his passion and it is very encouraging for any students he teaches. His sense of humour makes his lessons enjoyable. I always come out surprised by how fast the lesson went yet the impressive amount of knowledge he passed onto me.
   I wholeheartedly endorse Rocco for the position for which he is applying; his patience, great pedagogy and contagious love for music make him an ideal candidate for any music teacher position.” - Josephine

"Rocco is a brilliant teacher. He has an easy-going, encouraging manner and I very much enjoy our weekly lesson. He sets interesting exercises and pieces so I am always able to find the motivation to practice. I feel I am improving rapidly under Rocco`s tutorship and have once again found the enjoyment in trumpet." - Eddie

"I started learning the flugelhorn in May this year and was intimidated as I am an adult learner in my 40's with only some experience in music (l played guitar as a kid). Rocco is great because he is dynamic during his lessons and uses different techniques to get you into the instrument. Some specific examples of his approach: I had looked at many YouTube Videos and they were emphasising specific mouth position. Rocco instead was able to make me understand the effect in sound I am looking for and what are disadvantageous positions but encouraged me to find my own position.
I get frustrated with high notes, and not able to push enough. Rocco emphasises relaxation and breathing correctly and not to worry initially if the sound is not perfect it would come, and it did.
I struggle with reading music and positions, even as I am learning. Rocco has adopted a light improvisational exercise around simple scales that feels like it really will help me learn how to play what I read. Some songs get boring: Rocco transcribes different pieces on the fly so the student can learn snippets of known melodies. He is fun to work with and learn from.." - Yates

"Rocco is a very friendly and warm person. He is also very patient and professional at teaching and made me (as a beginner) feel at ease very quickly. I feel like I've made good progress in our lessons and he has taught me some useful techniques, also giving me homework so I can practice from home between our lessons. I'd highly recommend Rocco as a tutor whether you are a beginner or more advanced musician." - Hazel

"...Rocco could teach us a lot about phrasing, tuning, balancing our sound and optimizing our ensemble techniques. We enjoyed Rocco's enthusiasm and his lively and skilfull way of conducting our ensemble. [..] We can all strongly recommend Rocco as a teacher and conductor!" - Raoul, Jazz Warriors Big Band

"...Rocco told me about telling a story. About question and answering, I first had to play just a simple motive and after that the resolution of my “question”. I wouldn’t doubt about whether Rocco is a good teacher or not, he is." - Jelle

" ..[The] lessons with Rocco Brunori did help me a lot, his approach was very natural..I got better air support and constant improvement... he's a good teacher for sure." - Ying-Da


Tutor: Brian H - Piano and Music Theory

"I have been fortunate enough to have had Brian as a teacher and mentor throughout my music education. As a piano teacher, Brian was highly committed to my development as a pianist and my overall development in terms of musicianship. Brian was inspiring, passionate, patient, enthusiastic and imparted a love for music that has been a constant throughout my life. Brian had a holistic approach to my piano lessons, he delved into improvisation, the understanding of theory, accompaniment skills, composition, musicianship skills, performance and ensemble work.  He seamlessly wove these elements together in all of my lessons which have made me the musician I am today. Brian prepared me for my Bachelor of Music (Honours) degree at the CIT Cork School of Music and tutored me in Harmony and Counterpoint during my degree, which greatly improved my understanding of the music I was studying at the time. Brian also prepared me for my postgraduate Diploma in Kodály in Music Education at the Kodály Institute of the Liszt Ferenc Academy of Music by teaching me Solfége. In the past year, Brian has also prepared me for my audition for the MA in Kodály Music Education course at the Kodály Institute of the Liszt Ferenc Academy of Music. Brian has been nothing but a positive and guiding light in my career and being under his tutelage has inspired me to become a music educator and to hopefully pass on the love of music that he has passed on to me." - Sarah Keane

Tutor: Francesco D - Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar and Music Theory

"Francesco is an excellent guitar teacher and mentor with a great eye for what the learner needs. I've been making more progress than I expected and feel good about learning more theory and techniques whilst keeping things always grounded in the music styles and songs I love. It’s always good when Francesco combines the lesson with demonstrations and video examples from the great guitarists out there. Thoroughly recommend!" - Fred

"I would like to recommend Francesco as a music teacher for children and adults. Francesco is a terrific teacher and a highly skilled, gifted musician from Rome, Italy. He always focuses on his students' needs and that in my opinion is his strength. As a teacher, he never fails to give students his 100% by providing quality and engaging lessons. His passion for music is evident. He even encourages you to create your own songs guiding you every step of the way. Believe me, you don't want to miss the opportunity to study with him!" - Julie

"I would like to recommend Francesco for the Guitar \ Music Teacher role. He is a passionate, patient, competent and sensitive teacher. He takes time to understand what are your weaknesses and strengths, and runs his classes not only according to his method, which is rigorous and valid, but also depending on the pupil's preferences. He masters numbers of styles, from Rock to Blues, Classical and Jazz, and he has a strong academic background." - Luca


"I personally know Francesco because we studied in the same Music school, the Saint Louis College of Music and also shared classes. I would like to personally recommend him for the guitar teacher role; he is a mind that is always focusing on being as unique as it gets trying not to fit in something, rather creating personal music, inspired by all the genres and styles that he perfectly plays. From the human standpoint, he is patient and never gives up something, a kindhearted man that works perfectly with others and has a lot of ways to teach and speak to people." - Joseph

"Francesco has been a great teacher for our 11 year old son. He has progressed quite speedily, learning the songs he likes as well as scales. They interact together well during the lesson." - Michelle

Tutor: Pamela S - Flute, Singing, Saxophone, Clarinet and Music Theory

"I have had the pleasure of knowing Pamela since 1990 when we were both undertaking post-graduate studies at The Franz Liszt Academy of Music in Budapest. During the last thirty years I have worked with and observed her, both in the classroom and on stage, and I have developed huge respect for her talent, integrity, dedication and professionalism. She is a polished performer and a generous, inspirational educator who genuinely cares about her students.  She brings her enthusiasm, her love of music and her years of experience to every lesson. Pamela is also really positive, great fun to be with, and I have no doubt that she would be an asset to any team she works with." - Susanna Warren

Tutor: Doug C - Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Modern Rock Technique and Music Theory

"Doug has been my guitar teacher for 3 years now and has helped me improve greatly. When I first started lessons with him I had no experience playing guitar and 3 years later I'm the lead guitarist in a professional band. I also started to play bass and Doug's lessons were extremely useful when learning technique for both guitar and bass. Doug has helped me learn over 50 songs on guitar by great artists including Guns 'n' Roses and is one of the best teachers I've met." - Kishan Riley

"Doug did more than just teach me to play a guitar. He has inspired me to love and enjoy music, given me so much more confidence in myself, my song writing and my performance. He is a mental guitarist and way better than any other teacher." - Ruby Harpin

"I remember the first time I met Doug: me and a few others were doing a rock and roll bootcamp, this was almost 6 years ago now, if I'm remembering correctly. Doug made us feel welcome whilst also pushing us in all areas of music. Up until this day nothing has changed, from just playing along with him you can tell that he is still completely invested and passionate in his music. Each lesson will bring a new challenge which he will help you to conquer. I cannot recommend Doug enough he has really helped me to build a plethora of guitar music that I can play." - Elliot Hamilton-Croft

"Doug has been an immensely important teacher and musical mentor to me over the past few years. Learning with him has been incredibly rewarding and enjoyable. He helped me develop my guitar vocabulary, dive into chord melody, be able to examine my technique in helpful ways, and ultimately to achieve a scholarship to Berklee College of Music in Boston. Whether it's looking at super advanced harmonic ideas, getting specific with picking and technique, or just chatting about music and life in general, Doug is just brilliant!" - Ethan Davey

Tutor: Susie Gray - Singing, Piano and Ukulele

"Susie has taught my son singing for the last 3 years seeing him through Grade 5 ABRSM and on to a music scholarship at his chosen senior school. Lessons are fun yet productive and continued successfully via Zoom all through the Covid lockdown." - Mrs. V. Surrey

"Our son absolutely loves Susie's weekly music and drama lessons. Susie is everything you'd look for in a teacher - full of ideas and creativity and always upbeat and supportive of the children as they learn and grow in confidence." - Josh

"Susie has taught my kids music every Saturday morning for the last three years and they have really grown in confidence- it's a definite highlight of their week!" - Jo

"Since lockdown Susie has been teaching my daughter the ukulele via Zoom and it's been brilliant. We've had a few previous attempts at musical instruments and this is the first time my daughter has engaged with it. Susie keeps the sessions fun and is patient and imaginative- she has listened to what my daughter is interested in and helped her teach her songs she likes to listen to, which has definitely helped with motivation and engagement." - Rosa

"I asked my son Sam, 12, to describe Susie. His words... 'She's great! She is kind, encouraging and explains things really well. She has really helped me with my confidence too- I never would have believed I would have the confidence to sing solos in front of people.' As a parent, I find Susannah warm, helpful and very flexible when we have to move or change a lesson. She has been instrumental in improvising Sam's singing and his confidence. And she has a fabulous singing voice which always helps with demonstrating technique. Would recommend her to anyone without any hesitation at all." - Sam

"You've been amazing with the girls over the years (I think 6 years and counting!), you make it a fun experience for them as well as providing high standard lessons which shows in every exam result they've had." - Tasha

Tutor: Christian G - Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Music Theory and Songwriting

"My time with Chris as a teacher was fantastic. He’s taught me everything I know today and how to play a guitar - he’s made me feel like a rockstar!" - Malcolm, age 12


"I really miss having Chris as my guitar teacher while he was living in Hong Kong. I must be his oldest student trying to learn to play acoustic guitar in his sixty’s. He has shown me great patience and made playing easy and enjoyable for an old man. His teaching method of combining music theory and practical finger work really works magic to unlock my fear and understanding of the fretboard." - Ambrose, adult student


"I had written lyrics and a melody to 4 potential songs and wanted them to become songs. I did some research on the internet which led me to discovering Chris. He was able to take what I had written, which was very basic, and add instruments and a vocal to turn them into songs. The reason I was very satisfied with Chris wasn't just the fact he was able to do this well - it was how he was able to read the song and produce something very close to how it sounded in my head prior to Chris getting involved with the projects. I was left with a finished product that I was very happy with and something I've been able to listen to over the years and be pleased with what I have listened to." - Daniel, song-writing student

Tutor: Dave G - Classical, Acoustic and Electric Guitar, Bass Guitar, Piano and Music Theory

"My son has been taking guitar classes with Dave since December 2018 and is now progressing really well, he looks forward to his lessons, and really enjoys them. Dave has a way of making learning to play a great experience, and is incredibly knowledgeable and helpful, taking the time to make sure the session gives the student what they need and want. He is friendly, very professional and I would highly recommend him." - Jakki B

"David is great. I have had perhaps 8 lessons now. He is very flexible, explains concepts clearly and sets a pace that I find challenging but by no means impossible. Lessons are structured around one or more songs I am learning, with David drawing learning point out from the songs themselves. I remain motivated to continue my learning. I am most interested in learning blues guitar, but he is clearly capable of teaching everything from jazz to death metal. Absolutely top notch." - David R

"Dave is a brilliant piano teacher! He is is so passionate about music and is also a very patient, enthusiastic and understanding teacher. I would definitely recommend him to others." - Edel E

"Great person who’s very down to earth and very thorough in his teaching methods! It's uncommon to find a teacher who gives so much attention to the small details, only to build a good foundation for his students on the guitar. Moreover he’s extremely patient during his lessons and adjust himself to student’s pace. all and all, great guy and a highly skilled professional teacher!" - Robert T

Tutor: Huw F - Bass Guitar, Guitar, Ukulele, Music Production, Songwriting and Music Theory

"Huw is a top-notch session musician and an inspiring teacher... As a teacher, Huw is patient, attentive and flexible. He encourages a musical and fun approach to learning the instrument and goes out of his way to provide learning resources, many helpful tips and recordings. Huw is comfortable playing different styles - I’m learning mostly funk and soul and Huw’s playing is inspiring (check out his YouTube playalongs). I highly recommend Huw if you are looking to to learn the bass, or wanting to improve your playing!" - Eddie B


"In less than six months via Zoom, Huw has taken our son (aged 6) from no prior musical knowledge to playing and singing along to all sorts of brilliant ukulele songs and tunes. Besides the musical adventure ranging from Chuck Berry to Bob Marley to Ninjago and Match of the Day theme tunes (many of which Huw has specially arranged), along the way our son has also learnt lots of musical and tabular notation through Huw's versions. Most importantly though, he thoroughly enjoys the lessons, due to the great rapport Huw has built with him, not least down to his eminently patient, encouraging approach! Thank you very much, Huw!" - Jamie S

Tutor: Alessandro G - Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Music Theory, Composition, Film Music and Music Production

"After playing for more than 6 months with Alessandro, I’ve witnessed insane and constant improvement while learning with him, he’s easy to talk and communicate with, really humble and a great guitar teacher." - Mazen

Tutor: Syune T - Classical Piano, Songwriting and Music Theory

"Syune is a wonderful professional with a lot of experience and knowledge, and I find her teaching skills exceptional. She is helpful, understanding, and very inspiring as a teacher. My son Ned always enjoys the lessons with her, as she delivers it in a way that makes learning fun." - Alex (Ned’s father) 


"As a Record producer and an Artist development coach, I can vouch for Syune's capability to teach.  Syune has worked alongside myself as a composer and songwriter for a year now. She has not only taught myself, but has also made a large contribution via teaching, to the development of my artists. All of which are performers, songwriters and musicians. I've heard great reviews from my clients and witnessed it with my own eyes. These artists include MJ Duke, Kaory Desole, Lucrezia, and Ben Dolic. 


I can definitely recommend Syune as a music tutor to both adults and children. She has my vote." - Dasin Rasheed (record producer) 

Tutor: Aaron D - Guitar, Bass Guitar and Music Theory

"Fantastic tutor - my 15 year old son is learning so much from him. Aaron is combining music theory with guitar lessons, which is exactly what I asked for." - Mother of Student

Tutor: James R - Piano and Music Theory

“I’ve known James all his life. He has a natural talent and has had a life long passion for music. James has a gentle, diligent, patient and focused approach to life and work. James is trustworthy and I would have no hesitation in recommending him for any teaching position.”

- Mrs Alison Russell


“James is a pianist of great skill and expertise of whom I have no reservations in recommending to students of all ages and abilities. His patience, enthusiasm and passion for music are traits that make for enjoyable and engaging lessons." - Ms Natasha Alexandrova

Tutor: Daniel V - Classical, Acoustic and Electric Guitar and Music Theory

“I couldn’t recommend Daniel enough as a teacher. His wealth of experience and knowledge as a musician across all different genres means he is able to help with any style and ability needed. His lessons are always engaging and offer a great mix of learning the practical as well as the theory behind it.” - Kat 



“Daniel has been providing lessons to my son for many years now and my son has gained immensely from the lessons. His lessons are on a video call so we have not had to travel for the lessons and yet, my son has learned all the skills and techniques for his grading and has been making steady progress. I would recommend Daniel for his skills, time etiquette and professionalism and wish Daniel all the very best in future.” - Arunima

Tutor: Andrea M - Classical Piano and Music Theory

"Andrea you are an excellent teacher who is very patient and makes the lessons so much fun for Ben. Not only has he achieved Grades 1-3 in less than a year, but his confidence has skyrocketed! Thank you so much for helping him like you do." - Ben


"My son begged me to learn the piano. You are so patient with him. You always expect the best from him, always motivating. Your teaching style works so well for him. Thank you for being such a fabulous teacher!" - Remus

"Thank you so much for helping Ana pass her Grade 2 with distinction! We could not be happier to have you as her teacher, I absolutely love that she is learning with you. She enjoys your energy and how fun you make the classes for her." - Anastasia


"I look forward to the class every week, I keep on learning new things all the time with you as my teacher. Really happy with everything." - Daniel


"Rea is currently preparing her Grade 4 exam and she feels very happy with Andrea as her teacher. She is progressing very quickly and we as her parents are very proud. You have definitely increased her curiosity for music!" - Rea

Tutor: Brydon H - Guitar, Bass Guitar and Music Theory

"Our son has really enjoyed Brydon’s guitar tutoring for the last 18 months. Brydon let Solomon lead in terms of music style and song selection, which made the learning really relevant to him and enjoyable. His ability and confidence progressed well under Brydon’s tuition and we would have no hesitation in recommending Brydon as a tutor.” ​- Jessica Seatter

"During my time being taught by Brydon, he always found ways to help improve my technical ability and theory knowledge, while being able to explain advanced theory and techniques for my current level. He helped bring me up to a level I couldn't have imagined when I started playing guitar." ​- Levi Johnson 

Tutor: Adam B - Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar and Music Theory

"Adam taught me when I first started guitar, he really takes the time to explain and make it fun to learn so that you get through the beginning stages quickly. He is patient and an excellent teacher" - Brett Williams, 45


"Adam taught me guitar as a beginner who had never picked up a guitar before. He took time to explain the fundamentals clearly and concisely. His lessons were structured and he was always dependable. The lessons were engaging as two were never the same." - Nathan O'Connor, 26


"I got in touch with Adam as I was curious about some more advanced guitar technique. I would bring a song to him and he would break it down and make it easier for me to learn so that I was able to play it. His knowledge of rock and roll is unbelievable and he was good at fine tuning songs to my playing level. I learnt a lot." - Luke Goddard, 28