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Alex K.

Tutor of Guitar and Music Theory

Originally hailing from Australia but growing up in the Middle East, Alex is quite used to change and a variety of different people.

Alex was fortunate enough to be brought up in a household that held all forms of art in high regard - his earliest memories being that of intently listening and analysing any piece of music that he was exposed to. He began his journey as a musician at the young age of 10 - after discovering Angus Young from Australian rock band AC/DC, Alex therefore did everything he could to save up for his first guitar. From the moment he first picked the instrument up he was hooked, leading him to pursue and dedicate his entire life to it.

As an extremely well seasoned and versatile guitarist, Alex has a strong understanding of what it takes to excel on the instrument. Whether it boils down to building a solid repertoire of musical pieces or constructing an efficient and interactive practice routine he can truthfully help you achieve such results.


"The school is super efficient at organizing lessons, very quick to respond to emails and a very friendly bunch!

The teachers themselves are fantastic! I have had two guitar teachers (due to scheduling issues) and both have been incredibly patient and kind. Absolutely necessary for a beginner to not feel embarrassed when playing. Shout out to Alex K who tolerates my nervous waffling and makes me feel comfortable about playing even if I don't think I'm very good.

Have recommended to multiple friends." - Verity N

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