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Amanda N.

Tutor of Bass Guitar, Guitar, Piano, Music Production and Music Theory

Amanda is a patient and versatile instrumentalist based in Sydenham, South East London, primarily working as a session bass player. Alongside her expertise on the bass, she is proficient in piano and guitar. She enjoys composing and teaching music across various genres including jazz, soul, R&B, Funk, Rock, Latin and African music.

Amanda’s philosophy of teaching centres on understanding each student’s current level and musical instruments. She tailors her lessons to incorporate relevant music theory, reading, ear training, harmony, and technique while fostering and creativity and musical exploration, especially for more advanced students.

Raised by English parents in Oslo Norway, Amanda began her musical journey at the age of 12 playing guitar, piano and bass. She pursued her passion through A-level studies in music and a specialised course in Production, Studio and Live music engineering. Amanda later moved to Leeds in 2019 to further her education, focusing on jazz and production with bass as her primary instrument. Whilst studying jazz, Amanda taught her fellow piers bass, guitar and piano in exchange for opposite instruments lessons, such as drum or vocal lessons, to broaden her musical knowledge. After graduating from Leeds Conservatoire with a BA Hons in Jazz Performance and Production in 2022, Amanda relocated to London to explore new musical opportunities. Since her move she has quickly integrated into the London music scene, leaving her mark with her playing and charisma.

Amanda composes and produces for her original project ‘Mandy’, heavily influenced by jazz fusion and inspired by Corto Alto and Waldos Gift. Additionally, she collaborates with French-Lebanese R&B singer, Sunkissed Child and occasionally fills in as bassist for the jazz afro-fusion band TC & The Groove Family.

Amanda is passionate about promoting diversity in music, and encourages aspiring female and non-binary instrumentalists to pursue their musical aspirations, emphasizing that music and instruments have no gender.

With three years of teaching experience and an up-to-date DBS certificate, Amanda offers lessons online, in person; South East, South West London, open to travel to the north/greater London areas on request or at Amanda’ studio space in her houseshare, complete with extra amps and guitars for students convenience.


‘I would consider Amanda to be a great teacher. Her calmness and patience helped me a lot as I initially barely had an understanding of music theory and other basics. She also allowed for my creativity to show in lessons, where I could bring in songs I really wanted to play, or even sing to her the melodies and learn how to play them. I was always looking forward to bass lessons with her. She’s got an ear for all types of instruments and their place in songs, especially when it comes to modern jazz music. ’ - Yasmina

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