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Andy Z.

Tutor of Guitar, Composition and Music Theory

Andy is 34 years old and started playing at the age of 9. He graduated at the Music Academy of Verona in Italy and shortly after moved to London. He is now a full time composer and session guitarist. He had the privilege to compose and work with iconic producers such as Dave Eringa (The Who, Kylie Minogue) and Steve Brown (Freddie Mercury, The Cult), and his my material and compositions are currently on rotation on BBC Radio.

It’s essential to find out what it is that you want to learn, or simply what triggers your interest towards learning the guitar. Do you want to learn how to rock out like Hendrix? Or simply learn a few songs on the acoustic to help you relax after a long day at work? Or maybe move up to the next level and understand more about songwriting and melodies?

Andy is with you!

He also offers recordings and/or videos of the key points from the lesson so you can practice at home.


"Andy's an easy going teacher who's made me feel comfortable from day 1 and been very adaptable to my goals and skill level. Highly recommend." - Luke

"Andy makes learning the guitar fun and unintimidating. He explains thing in a way that's easy to understand, and shares little homework recap videos which are super helpful. Highly recommend!" - Anna

"After restarting the at the young age of 40 (after 24 years hiatus) Andy has reinvigorated me. Carefully listening to what I want to achieve and blending the balance between theory and plain rocking out. This year has been 11/10 thanks to Andy. I couldn't recommend him more." - Alex

"I’ve had a guitar for a number of year but I’ve never been able to grasp the fundamentals in relation to playing a guitar successful. I’m delighted that I’ve finally got around to having guitar lessons. Andy is a really friendly and down to earth guy. I feel extremely comfortable in asking anything, no matter how silly I may think it may sound. Andy has an ability to explain thing in a way which isn’t complicated or difficult to understand.
I’ve now had a few lessons with Andy and it’s the best thing I’ve done all year! I’ve found a new confidence and I now practice everyday." - Zabeer

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