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Ben J.

Tutor of Piano, Music Production and Music Theory

Ben is a professionally trained pianist, trumpeter, music producer and sound artist based in South East London currently studying a Music Masters at Goldsmiths University. He has been playing piano for 17 years and teaching students of all ages and abilities for 5 years. He has taken students from absolute beginners to passing grades and playing their favourite pieces from sheet music - or by ear if they prefer a more intuitive approach.

After passing his Grade 8, he studied Music History at Glasgow University and played live shows in various ensembles - trios, big bands and pop groups - around the city. Eventually specialising in electronic music production and moving to London, he now combines his classical musical training with popular music techniques and collaborates with various artists on music projects ranging from experimental sound installations to pop songwriting. Studying music theory, playing both trumpet and piano, and working professionally in music production, Ben has a strong, multi-faceted understanding of the various angles of contemporary music: theory, practice, live performance and studio techniques.

Ben’s lessons place an enthusiastic emphasis on student enjoyment and technical development through personal interest and fun. Ben always makes sure to get to know his students and their musical interests in order to cater his lessons to their goals and enjoyment - whether that be progressing through classical grades, learning their favourite songs from the radio or improvising jazz and beyond. He maintains close links with students, making detailed notes and providing bespoke feedback and instructions for practice between lessons.


"Ben has taught me for nearly 2 years and I really enjoy our lessons. He has helped me become more confident and I passed my grade 1 last year. Ben always makes sure that I have fun when playing the piano and always asks me what songs I would like to play. He is a great teacher!" - Jack (10 years old)

"Ben is patient, kind and very helpful. He is patient because when I get stuck he brakes it down and doesn't rush. He is kind because he has a casual conversation at the start of each lesson. Although it is a quick conversation so we can get a proper lesson. Finally he is helpful as he taught me to play piano and I have passed Grade 1 and 2, within a year, thanks to Ben's great teaching." - Rebecca (11 years old)

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