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Benjamin H.

Tutor of Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar and Music Theory

Ben is a guitar playing musician, songwriter and tutor who comes from Nottinghamshire and who now lives in London. Before starting formal music education he wrote songs and gigged with local bands at numerous venues where his passion for making music grew. Learning to trust in his own abilities he moved on from trying to emulate 90’s bands such as Blur or Nirvana to becoming increasingly curious on the structure of music.

He studied at the Tech Music School in Acton for his higher music theory diploma then used this foundation to firstly gain a degree in Creative Guitar Musicianship then a Masters degree in Guitar Music Performance at the University of East London, at the Institute of Creative Music and Performance.

He feels privileged to be able to have spent this time to learn from some of the best recognised guitar players in the industry, including lessons from Jim Clark, John Wheatcroft, Jacob Quistgaard and many more. It also gave him an opportunity to recognise the differences in musical genres and introduced him to the world of jazz, now personally enjoying the works of Wes Montgomery, Joe Pass and the guitarist and composer Julian Lage.

His connection with the guitar grows every day with the understanding of what makes each individual artist unique. This passion for the instrument and how it helps craft his own personal musical voice is the information that he now wants to pass on to others.

As a tutor he can deliver from the basics to advanced on guitar and songwriting with fun and engaging positive lessons. One to one or online, he can introduce you to the instrument, simple chords and rhythms then move on to an understanding of the fretboard and chord vocabulary. With advanced players his lessons focus on concepts like voice leading, further guitar techniques and jazz harmony.

Any any stage of learning the lessons are tailor-made to meet individual needs to build on the information you already have at your fingertips.


"I found Ben through a friend of the family and contacted him to arrange some guitar lessons to accompany my singing and song writing. After planning a time table that was convenient with the time difference we set to work and it was great. Given that I was an overseas student, he was very helpful in trouble shooting and resolving tech issues that came up during our lessons.

Ben was patient with me, repeated key skills as needed and made it feel comfortable to make mistakes and learn at my own pace. Now I have not just learnt so much more about the how to play the guitar but I feel more confident playing in front of other people.

Ben’s passion for guitar is evident and he created a wonderful environment for a beginner like me to find a love in playing guitar ”. - Kati D

"Looking for a new hobby after lock down I was given Ben’s details from a colleague at work. Six lessons down the line, some in person and a few online and I’m really enjoying it.
I feel as if I’m making progress and we have started playing songs together in the sessions. With all the things I am learning from Ben he has always been very understanding with lessons tailored to my ability so not feeling overwhelmed.” - Sunnie N

“Ben has helped me backtrack on what I already knew on guitar and built a program to move forward which gave me the motivation to get back to practicing. Now I have a lesson every month when I look forward to the next chunk of information”. - Stephen G

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