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Conor H.

Guitar, Bass Guitar and Music Theory

Conor has studied music at both ACM in Guildford and BIMM in Brighton. With an emphasis on tailoring lessons to the pupil, he has taught guitar lessons privately and in schools. Furthermore, he has been involved in a number of music projects (signed to major labels as well as indies); touring around the country (and further) receiving airplay all around the world and accumulating hundreds of thousands of streams in “originals” bands.

With over 15 years experience playing and performing guitar, Conor has honed his skills and loves every moment of teaching others the magic that music has to offer. He currently teaches students from the ages of 7 - 60.


Danette - "Conor is a brilliant teacher who has inspired my son to absolutely love playing the guitar. His approach is purely pupil focussed - always making lessons fun and catering to our son’s musical tastes. This has inspired my son to practise and be on his way to mastering various pieces and also preparing for a contemporary guitar exam, all in the space of a few months (but at a very manageable and non pressured pace)! He’s an encouraging and friendly teacher and I would highly recommend him."

Andrew - "Conor is an outstanding teacher. My daughters have learned more in the last few weeks with him than from the other two teachers of the last two years! Isabella & Rhiannon praise his approach, technique and enthusiasm. They are now studying for their first exam."

Caroline - "Conor has been teaching our daughter Katie for nearly 2 years now and we are so pleased with her progress. Conor is an absolutely fabulous teacher. He inspires Katie and her love of music, he is always prepared for the lessons and it has been fantastic seeing her progress from a beginner to a proficient player. He makes the lessons fun and interesting and both us as parents and Katie as the pupil would have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending him."

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