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Cristian G.

Tutor of Guitar, Bass Guitar, Ukulele and Music Theory

Cristian discovered his love for the electric guitar at the age of 11 under the tutorage of Maestro Giorgio Pierri. While initially drawn to rock and metal music, Cristian's musical interests expanded to encompass various genres including jazz, fusion, funk, blues, pop, and more.

In 2017, Cristian's dedication earned him the distinction of winning the best interpretation prize at the 14th edition of the national contest "Giovani Realtà," impressing the judges with his rendition of Steve Vai's "Die to Live.”

After honing his skills further with music theory studies under the wing of Maestro Giuseppe Lattante, Cristian pursued a BMus Guitar course at BIMM London where he graduated in 2021.

During his time there, he delved deeper into his musical knowledge and diversified his repertoire, exploring different styles and genres.

Today, Cristian actively performs as a guitarist in various settings, including function bands, original projects, and accompanying shows. His passion for continuous growth and improvement led him to participate in masterclasses with accomplished musicians, enriching his performance abilities, understanding of the music industry, and theoretical knowledge.

In summary, Cristian is a versatile guitarist who draws inspiration from various genres, showcasing his passion and expertise. With his diverse musical background, ongoing education, and a genuine love for sharing his knowledge, Cristian strives to inspire and guide aspiring musicians on their musical paths.


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