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Daria F.

Tutor of Violin and Sound Production

Daria F, a classical violinist hailing from a lineage of renowned musicians in
Russia, embarked on her musical journey at the age of five. By the age of nine,
she was already making appearances at international competitions, earning
laureate positions. At seventeen, Daria diversified her talents, delving into vocal
training and music production, exploring electronic music composition. By the
age of nineteen, she began releasing albums and collaborating on various
In addition to her classical education in Moscow and Milan, Daria became an
ambassador for the Nike Women's Believe in More project in 2017. She crafted
an original track for a promotional video and even produced the video entirely
for the brand, earning nationwide recognition in Russia. Later, she collaborated
with Cartier, performing at Milan Fashion Week and London Fashion Week,
working with prominent designers. Daria composed exclusive music for these
events and delivered captivating violin performances with exclusive live sets.
In 2020, Daria became an integral part of the global presentation of the Jordan
Women's Collection, showcased in Milan. Inspired by the brand, she composed
ten exclusive tracks for the collection and performed a musical live set. In
2023, Daria received a Global Talent Visa approved by the Arts Council and
relocated to England. Currently, she focuses on music composition, actively
teaches the violin, and develops innovative teaching methodologies.
Additionally, she is dedicated to her project with the violin - Upside Down.


“Daria is highly talented and very personable. The way she plays the violin leaves people awe-struck. She explains herself succinctly and with clarity. She would be a brilliant teacher and would be an asset to any music school.” Tomas A

“Working with Daria has been an incredible experience. She is an exceptionally talented violinist who not only prepared me thoroughly for exams but also inspired and assisted me in composing an album recorded on the violin. Dasha's dedication and expertise have truly elevated my musical journey. I am grateful for her guidance and the profound impact she has had on my violin skills and creativity.” Josh S

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