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Doug C.

Tutor of Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Modern Rock Technique and Music Theory​

Doug is a guitar player and teacher. He is a BMus (Hons) Popular Music Performance graduate and holds an RSL Level 6 Licentiate Diploma in Music Teaching. Doug has taught over 500 students of all ages and completed more than 15,000 hours of guitar lessons since 2005 as a private tutor and for schools including The Rhythm Studio, IGF/Ministry of Guitar and ICMP.

His instructional material has also been published by Lick Library, Guitar International Magazine, The Sound Magazine and others. Doug’s most recent release is the 2018 album ‘Shadow Self Psalms’ by his band Amid the Barren and Lost, which Metal Hammer magazine described as “a new British metal gospel”. He performed all the guitars on the album, as well as recording and producing it.


"Doug has been my guitar teacher for 3 years now and has helped me improve greatly. When I first started lessons with him I had no experience playing guitar and 3 years later I'm the lead guitarist in a professional band. I also started to play bass and Doug's lessons were extremely useful when learning technique for both guitar and bass. Doug has helped me learn over 50 songs on guitar by great artists including Guns 'n' Roses and is one of the best teachers I've met." - Kishan R

"Doug did more than just teach me to play a guitar. He has inspired me to love and enjoy music, given me so much more confidence in myself, my song writing and my performance. He is a mental guitarist and way better than any other teacher." - Ruby H

"I remember the first time I met Doug: me and a few others were doing a rock and roll bootcamp, this was almost 6 years ago now, if I'm remembering correctly. Doug made us feel welcome whilst also pushing us in all areas of music. Up until this day nothing has changed, from just playing along with him you can tell that he is still completely invested and passionate in his music. Each lesson will bring a new challenge which he will help you to conquer. I cannot recommend Doug enough he has really helped me to build a plethora of guitar music that I can play." - Elliot H

"Doug has been an immensely important teacher and musical mentor to me over the past few years. Learning with him has been incredibly rewarding and enjoyable. He helped me develop my guitar vocabulary, dive into chord melody, be able to examine my technique in helpful ways, and ultimately to achieve a scholarship to Berklee College of Music in Boston. Whether it's looking at super advanced harmonic ideas, getting specific with picking and technique, or just chatting about music and life in general, Doug is just brilliant!" - Ethan D

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