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Ella S

Saxophone, Piano, Clarinet and Flute

Ella studied her undergraduate degree at the Schulich School of Music at McGill University in Montréal, Canada, where she received her Bachelor of Music in Saxophone Performance in 2021. She received her Master of Music and Master of Performance (Saxophone) from the Guildhall School of Music and Drama in 2023.

Growing up surrounded by music, Ella began the saxophone at age 10, and quickly learned the flute, clarinet, and piano. She has since played in numerous big bands, orchestras, and festivals in LA, Montréal, and London, as well as in multiple theatre productions, including Shrek, 9 to 5: The Musical, and Roger and Hammerstein’s State Fair. She was most recently involved in the Epsom Playhouse production of The Huncheback of Notre Dame, performing Reed 1.

Over the past few years, she has become heavily involved with composition and arranging. During her time at Guildhall, she has composed two pieces for the Bauhaus Band, led by her tutor and mentor John Harle. Her most recent composition, Via Italia, has recently been published by Saxtet Publications. Her array of compositions/arrangements include small chamber ensembles, saxophone and piano, solo saxophone with electronics, saxophone quartets, and more. She has a passion for composing music to video and film.

As a freelance musician in London, she currently performs in Sax and DJ gigs around the city. She has 6+ years of experience in tutoring saxophone, clarinet, flute, and piano, as well as music theory and composition/arranging. Ella believes that music can be beneficial in every aspect of life and hopes to inspire the next generation of young musicians.

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Ella S

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