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Francesca L.

Tutor of Violin, Singing and Music Theory

Francesca is a keen multi-instrumentalist who has been teaching both singing and violin lessons for over 10 years. With an 100% pass rate for examinations and experience in lots of different schools, Francesca has taught in both one-on-one and group settings, having once taught 30 7 year olds the violin at once.
As well as peripatetic teaching, Francesca keeps up her singing and playing skills by being a frequent performer, making electronic music as a recording artist. She has written over 40 songs and self-produces them on logic. Live, she plays her songs with a synthesiser and launchpad, and breaks into violin and trumpet solos on stage.

Her tracks have been aired on the radio numerous times, including Track of the week, BBC three counties radio, BBC radio 6, BBC radio one and one of her tracks is circulated all around the world on the in store H&M playlist.
She has performed at many places and events such as the Montreux Jazz Festival, 'Sofar Sounds' sessions in 10 different cities, Ronnie Scott's upstairs and her one-woman show that she took twice to the Edinburgh fringe. This breadth of performing experience aids her to teach confidence skills to my pupils, having faced lots of different types of audiences. She has various techniques from these experiences to help others overcome nerves and to embrace performing in front of others.
Having trained on various instruments; achieving grade 7 trumpet, grade 8 violin, a diploma in singing and also as an adult teaching herself to play the piano, guitar and how to produce music, she has a nuanced understanding of how to communicate musically and approach teaching very creatively.


"I have been Francesca's student for over 2 years now and I really enjoy her lessons and the way she teaches. She is a very nice teacher and I think Francesca is great at what she does. I am very pleased and grateful I have her as my teacher." - Natalia

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