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Francesco D.

Tutor of Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar and Music Theory

Francesco is a London-based guitar player, composer and tutor born in Rome, Italy. He graduated in Rock Guitar from Saint Louis College of Music, Rome, and also owns a diploma in Mixing Music with Steinberg Cubase. Francesco has been studying guitar for over 10 years, exploring different genres, and is specialized in Modern Guitar which embraces rock, blues, metal, fusion, pop rock, funk and folk music. He also teaches fingerstyle guitar.

His training is also due to the participation of workshops with world-renowned musicians as Guthrie Govan, Pat Mastelotto, Nick Johnston, Mattias Eklundh, John Macaluso, Jeff Loomis, Umberto Fiorentino, Daniele Pomo, Giacomo Anselmi, Lorenzo Feliciati. He also had private lessons with Teemu Mantysaari, Jakub Zytecki and Charlie Cawood.

At his home, Francesco has microphones, guitars and recording equipment (Cubase software), so he can record his student's playing and give them a more in depth perception of their sound. He has been teaching guitar for 7 years now, from 6 years old to 60 years old. Francesco believes that it's never to late to fall in love with music and never too late to learn a musical instrument! During his lessons, his focus is on your own creativity, but learning songs to understand music and how it works in a general context. He will encourage you to follow your personal tastes, believe in them and achieve your unique and inner guitar player, improving your skills and horizons.


"Francesco is an excellent guitar teacher and mentor with a great eye for what the learner needs. I've been making more progress than I expected and feel good about learning more theory and techniques whilst keeping things always grounded in the music styles and songs I love. It’s always good when Francesco combines the lesson with demonstrations and video examples from the great guitarists out there. Thoroughly recommend!" - Fred

"I would like to recommend Francesco as a music teacher for children and adults. Francesco is a terrific teacher and a highly skilled, gifted musician from Rome, Italy. He always focuses on his students' needs and that in my opinion is his strength. As a teacher, he never fails to give students his 100% by providing quality and engaging lessons. His passion for music is evident. He even encourages you to create your own songs guiding you every step of the way. Believe me, you don't want to miss the opportunity to study with him!" - Julie

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