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Isaac R.

Tutor of Saxophone, Musical Production and Composition

Isaac R is a sound artist, improviser, composer, educator and Saxophonist based in London. Isaac has been teaching for almost ten years and during that time has cultivated a unique teaching style that puts the needs of the student at the forefront, with each lesson being individually tailored to the student. Having graduated from Goldsmiths, UOL in 2023 with a Masters degree in Sonic Arts, Isaac has worked on a number of solo and group projects since then.

Whilst finishing his degree, Isaac specialised in solo performance with saxophone and electronics creating a performance protocol for improvised musical performance using the performers eye and minute head movements as an interface for digital signal processing. As a saxophonist and composer, Isaac is currently working within a number of groups - most recently he has performed at experimental music mainstays, Cafe Oto and Iklectik as a part of the duo Wetroom with pianist Jack Elliot Barton. Aside from his own projects, Isaac has worked as a collaborator with several emerging and established artists both recording and performing, most notably as a part of the band Baby Dave (Isaac Holman of SOFTPLAY).

With this band he embarked on a UK tour and has played several festivals including Secret Garden Party, 2000 Trees and Swn Festival. Through this he has also received radio play-time being featured on Radio 1 on the song Telephobia featuring Kate Nash, he has recorded at Abbey Road Studios and played shows at the British Library and as part of the EFG London Jazz festival.

Outside of his work as a saxophonist Isaac also works as a sound artist, for his most recent excursion he worked with Maja Laskowska and Emilia Schlosser as the interdisciplinary art group, Choreographies of Care Collective. A part of the 2023 Thames Festival Trust, they created Traces of Care; an Arts Council funded exhibition held at Bermondsey Project Space. This exhibition explored notions of care and how these relate to water - these topics were explored through practical research, fabric sculptures, video installations, photography and sound installation. Here, Isaac’s main work for the exhibition was a generative sound sculpture representing his interpretation of care as a sound fountain.


Coming soon!

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