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Isabella M


Isabella M is a dedicated musician with a first-class bachelor’s degree in music. Her deep understanding of music theory and technique coupled with her passion for teaching, makes her an excellent choice as a piano instructor. She has been learning the piano for over 15 years and has experience accompanying and performing.

Her bachelor’s degree in music specialised in composition and composing with technology, where she was awarded the Brian Dennis award for best undergraduate composer in the final year of her degree. During this degree, she studied music theory and history, and thus has an in-depth knowledge of both subjects. She is currently studying for a master’s degree in Music Production at the London Contemporary College of Music, where she is currently writing and producing songs as well as composing music for film.

Isabella has worked with primary and secondary school children, as well as those with Special Educational Needs, honing her ability to adapt teaching methods to various learning styles.

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Isabella M

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