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Jack E


Jack E has been an avid guitar player for 14 years. Having played in lots of varying musical settings, Jack is well versed in a number of different styles. He is currently the lead guitar player in the rock band EDGE, and has previously done session work with upcoming pop artists, at weddings, in musicals and many more musical settings.

Jack’s passion for teaching started 3 years ago, and since then he has taken a number of budding guitarists under his wing and imparted to them the musical knowledge that he has gained over the years.

Jack takes a very hands on approach when teaching. He likes to find what students really enjoy doing on the guitar, and focuses on those areas in order to make learning fun and engaging for the students. Jack knows that learning music is challenging but also feels that it should also be rewarding, and not become a chore, so he sculpts his lessons around what is going to keep the students engaged but still challenged.

Coming soon!

Jack E

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