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Kate O.

Tutor of Vocals and Songwriting

Kate O is a professional vocal coach, musician and songwriter from Ireland with a MA (Hons) in Performance.

With over 7 years of experience in performance, she has graced stages across the country, from fun frenzied festivals to cosy intimate weddings.

In addition to her prowess as a performer, Kate is highly regarded as a vocal coach and piano tutor. Her vast experience and innate ability to connect with students have made her a sought-after mentor. She has guided aspiring musicians of all ages, helping them discover their musical potential and achieve excellence.


“Kate is a brilliant teacher. She was my first teacher and was so patient and kind with me. I have loved piano even more since she started teaching me.”
-Leah (10 y/o)

“Kate was such a creative , strong minded and kind person to be around . Kate wasn't just a teacher , she was my mentor and best of all a friend. She made me be the best version of myself I could possibly be vocally . We had our fair share of fun and lessons . It will be a time I'll always remember”
-David (11 y/o)

“Me personally as a mum - I watched Breaca’s confidence grow in line with her voice and range
and ability. You gave her the edge and
the growth to go forth and enjoy her singing. You’re a wonderful teacher and I want to thank you!” - -Martha (Student Breaca’s Mother)

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