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Louis S.

Tutor of Bass Guitar, Double Bass and Music Theory

Louis teaches Bass Guitar and Double Bass from beginners to advanced students ages 7 and up. He specialises in both Jazz and Classical music. Louis can coach students through exams but is happy to teach those who are just interested in learning to play the bass. The content of lessons will vary depending on the individual goals of each student. For some, we might focus primarily on instrumental technique or specific repertoire in preparation for exams. For others we might look at tone, improvisation or music theory! Every lesson with Louis will be taught within the context of each student's own musical taste and.

Beginner students can expect more of a focus on technique and repertoire during lessons. This might be how to hold the instrument correctly or how to produce a note with ease. This will be concluded with musical exercises (or repertoire) to be practiced in order to help the student consolidate what they have learned.

For more advanced students a typical lesson will usually begin with the student having something in mind that they want to work on. This will be catered towards during the lesson and be concluded with some prescribed musical repertoire or exercises to work on that will help them advance towards their goal.


"Louis is a very insightful and enthusiastic teacher. I got in contact with Louis for bass lessons in April of this year and have really benefited from his accommodating teaching philosophy. What I found with Louis was that after I practicing a piece of music at home he would quickly identify which piece of technique to work on; be it left hand; thumb position or economy of movement around the bass. This helped me pinpoint where to focus my practice and enabled me to make really strong progress." - Anonymous

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