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Louis T.

Tutor of Guitar, Singing and Music Theory

Louis is a London born singer-songwriter and guitarist, who has been playing the guitar for 12 years and
singing for 8 years. He studied Music (BMus) at Goldsmiths University and graduated with a First-Class
Honours degree. Louis is an avid composer of songs, and performs throughout London. He also has extensive experience recording and arranging songs within a studio environment.

Guitar lessons can be tailored to a variety of approaches, styles and playing techniques–on either electric or acoustic guitars. Lessons can consist entirely of aural learning-playing ‘by ear’- or be rooted in notation and theoretically orientated.

Singing tuition will focus on providing an understanding of the technical aspects of singing, the physiology
of the voice across different ranges, and how in turn to use a variety of techniques to sing with greater ease, a more resonant tone and with good pitching. Lessons will also focus on training the ear, how to properly warm up and cool down the voice, as well as working through any desired repertoire.

Louis also teaches music theory lessons and can help to prepare for exams. Composing, arranging and
songwriting lessons are also available.


“Guitar lessons with Louis have been fun, informative and inspiring. In the year he has been teaching me I
have developed loads of new skills and now feel comfortable reading musical notation which opens up so
many possibilities for me. Lessons are always engaging and Louis sometimes comes up with parts that allow us to play songs in music books as duets which is really great practice for me to play together with others and keeps the material refreshing.” – Alex A

“Since taking lessons with Louis my singing range has really opened up and I feel much more comfortable at both the lower and higher regions of my voice. I also feel my ability to stay on key assuredly, and not stray too sharp as I had a tendency to do, has significantly improved during our time singing together.”
- Ben C

“Louis has helped me to better understand the fretboard and taught me some fundamental exercises and ideas such as using certain scales, arpeggios and triads which have really helped to demystify some of the process of playing and writing lead guitar parts and exploring some of the musical possibilities the guitar has to offer beyond open chords and few pentatonic licks.” – Dan S

"Fab!! I enjoyed all lesson periods and have improved quite a lot in my confidence and skills. Thanks." - Sixtus U

"Louis is really listening supportive and understanding their students that helps students to learn with passion and enthusiasm." - Nhan L

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