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Luigi R.

Tutor of Drums and Music Theory

Often described as “a drummer with an innovative and creative approach to drumming”, “with a groove that is different from the norm and fully aware of its timing and feel”, Luigi (Lui) R is a London based drummer, percussionist, educator and songwriter. He graduated from the British and Irish Institute of Modern Music in Brighton, receiving a BA Hons in Professional Musicianship with drum studies specialisation. He also comes from a classical percussion background having studied at the “D. Cimarosa” Conservatoire of Classical Music in Italy alongside his modern drum kit studies which he carried out since the age of 9.

The last decade has seen him as part of numerous projects which he provided with his drumming. He has been working as a live and studio session player as well as having been an active member of various original projects.
Luigi has been collaborating with a big variety of artists in the U.K. and across Europe. He has recently been busy touring and recording for bands and artists, such as Black Market Aftermath, Transatlantic Family Band, Ben Hemming and many more. Additionally he has been recording for other projects thanks to his vast fluency in many different styles.

During his performing career, so far, he has had the pleasure to record in various renowned studios in the U.K. and Europe. He has performed in Konk Studios (London), Miloco Studio/The Pool (London), The Blue Studios (London), Velvet Recordings (Oslo, Norway), Masterlink Productions (U.K.).

Teaching Drums:

Luigi has also been focusing on teaching drums in music schools across London for the last 6 years. His drum tuitions include very detailed and customised programmes which are intended for the students to explore all the possibilities in the music industry as well as for them to acquire the drumming skills needed in order to succeed. An essential part of his lessons is based around learning and experiencing the core drumming concepts, including technique, styles, rudiments and independence.

He wants to give participants the opportunity to experience a very fulfilling musical journey through rhythms. His drum classes are designed to equip every member with the skills necessary to be able to understand rhythmic concepts, play music/jam with other musicians and/or backing tracks.
Whether your goal is to play music for fun or use these skills for other musical projects this drum course will prepare you for that!


"Exceptional tutor! Luigi is patient, friendly and he offers personalised lessons that cater to individual needs. It has been such an exciting and fulfilling journey to learn drums with him. Highly recommend!"- Daisy D.

" I've been having lessons with Luigi for over a year. He’s been great . He’s a warmhearted, fun and very experienced musician and teacher.. He has been professional and punctual at all times and accommodated our changing schedules with great kindness. His skills as a musician are superb and It is an absolute pleasure to learn from him" - Asif K.

"I cannot recommend Luigi highly enough. He has been teaching both of my teenage children for months and they are progressing very quickly: much faster than I thought possible. One child is shy, the other chatty and Luigi manages to get the best out of each of them. He is a friendly, patient and effective tutor. As a parent he is easy to work with: polite, punctual, responsive and flexible. How much anyone will engage with an instrument is obviously often down to how well they get on with their tutor. With Luigi that part of the equation is taken care of." - Helen L.

"Luigi has been my drum teacher for months now. I had no previous lessons and was a total beginner. Luigi has been so patient, helpful and supportive, he has a brilliant way of talking to me and helping me to understand drum concepts. I cannot rate him highly enough." - Mandy B

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