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Mathew R.

Tutor of Guitar, Songwriting and Music Production

Matt has been teaching guitar and songwriting for four years, covering a wide range of genres, specializing in R&B and jazz. He has written, performed and produced for artists such as ARIE, The Locals and Nic Hanson, Ronnie Riggles, etc., as well as his own work. He began his career in music education in 2019 with Songs in the Key of Free, a songwriting workshop for convicts in Philadelphia. Matt helped to record and produce an album written by himself and the prisoners, along with several other professional musicians. Before moving to London, Matt was living, teaching and playing in New York City.

Matt studied Jazz guitar at Kenyon College, but is passionate about R&B and blues music. He likes to teach with a focus on listening and expression. He does believe every student should have a strong foundation in theory to be able to speak the language, but ultimately pushes his students to learn by playing. Matt is also able to teach students to record themselves and write and produce music of their own


Coming soon!

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