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Melina D.

Tutor of Guitar

Melina is a musician and recent graduate of BIMM London University, where she earned her Bachelor of Music in Songwriting with first class honours. With a strong passion for composition, production, and performance, she has over a decade of guitar playing. As a songwriter and an artist, she has extensive experience in professional music settings. This includes studio recordings, live performances at various venues and festivals, and playing in bands.

Melina is outgoing, with a vibrant energy and genuine care for her students' progress. She is enthusiastic about helping beginner guitar students on their musical journey. She believes in customising lessons to the preferences and interests of her students, focusing on the songs they love and the genres they enjoy, with a specialisation in pop and singer-songwriter. She aims to foster excitement and a genuine love for playing music in her students.

Originally from Argentina and having grown up in both the US and the UK, she has an understanding of various cultures and perspectives. This helps her connect with students from diverse backgrounds more effectively.


“Melina has been my guitar teacher for 2 years and has patient with me every step of the way. She not only teaches technical skills but also promotes creativity and self-expression. Melina's personalised approach keeps me motivated by letting me choose the songs I want to learn. She is a songwriter and experienced performer. Her passion for music is truly inspiring. With her guidance, I've expanded my musical abilities beyond just guitar playing, becoming a more well-rounded musician. I confidently recommend Melina to anyone starting their musical journey.”
- Fiona

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