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Mik M

Guitar, Piano, Music Production, Composition and Music Theory

World-class guitar virtuoso Miguel has been considered “One of the greatest young guitarists around” (Zakk Wylde). Originally taking to the streets of London busking, Miguel's version of Dire Straits’ ‘Sultans of Swing’ became a viral hit on YouTube, notching up over 27 million views getting him worldwide recognition by Rod Stewart as “one of the finest guitarists in London” and Mark Knopfler as a “totally excellent musician.”

Miguel studied at the Conservatory of Jazz Music in Rome, guitar and composition and also Music Industry and Management and at the Middlesex University of London gaining expertise in topics such as: Publishing, Licensing, Copyright, Digital Music, Music Marketing with expertise in Social media (YouTube over 100k subscribers). As a guitarist and songwriter, Miguel co-work with Grammy awards producers, Kevin Metcalfe (Queen, David Bowie, Duran Duran, White Stripes) who produced Miguel’s single “Girl” in London’s Red Bull Music Studios, Mike Hedges, Haydn Bendall, Vincent Niclo’s Sony production “Adagio”, Andy Whitmore (Peter Andre, Elton John) and Eroc (Grobschnitt, Robin Trower, Gary Moore), who mixed and mastered his debut album "AND THE SOUTHERN VULTURES”.

Miguel has over ten years of experience as a guitar instructor specialised in electric and acoustic guitar. Being world- wide recognise as a virtuoso guitarist but also as a versatile musician. He has a foundation in jazz music which has been transposed to blues and heavy rock over the years. In his guitar lessons you will have a deep insight in: music theory, technique, scales, harmony, genres, style, composition, music production and useful advises about music industry and development for your career and passion in the music industry. All levels basic to advanced.

Miguel has shared big stages nationally (UK) and internationally (US, EU) with artists such as: Marco Mendoza (Thin Lizzy, Whitesnake), Ricky Warwick (Black Star Riders, Thin Lizzy) Texas Band, Chris Farlowe, Dare, King King, and Ten Years After, among many others leading to co-headlining show with Samantha Fish and Glenn Hughes in 2023.

"Really great teacher of guitar, theory, technique, groove, phrasing, tone, everything. Will take you to the next level. Incredibly professional and friendly. Vast knowledge of music, blues, jazz, rock, pop." - Jon H

"Extraordinary patience. Offers me incredible insights on theory, patterns, technique, phrasing, why some notes sound amazing in various contexts. Identifies what I could do and work on to get to the next levels and guides me there." - Garry G

"Recommends what I ought to be doing next in my guitar journey but also tailors the lessons to what I want to focus on. My lessons have been split between the two." - Charles K

"It strikes me as absurd to have access to a master guitarist and one who will tell you the how and why of it all, but here it is. Like having access to and taking lessons from master guitarists like Jeff Beck and
SRV if they were to patiently and clearly give you insights into how they are doing what they do." - John C

"Can meet you at a level of no theory all the way to advanced jazz theory. I play piano and know a good amount of theory and find it extraordinarily helpful to learn the way he views the fretboard and choice of notes and chords. Helped me with my technique (I couldn't even use a pick before other than to strum barre chords in a cacophonous manner, now I can arpeggiate dom 7, major and minor scales with speed after only 3 months)." - Jean-Pascal F

"If you've ever wondered how and why the amazing guitarists know which notes to hit to really make ya feel it on the solos, or how they are able to do that even if they just play 2 or 3 notes, you will find out with this guy." - Antonella A

Mik M

"One of the greatest young guitarists around."
- Zakk Wylde

"This guy is totally excellent."
- Mark Knopfler

"One of the Finest in London."
- Rod Stewart

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